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Guides | 06.07.2022

Make The Best Marijuana Gift Basket For Your Favorite Connoisseur

A DIY homemade gift basket goes a long way.

Sometimes, one gift doesn’t cut it.

When it comes to gifting cannabis goodies, there are so many handy and affordable products that would look great sitting in a gift basket.

Plus, modern stoners are always looking for new ways to ingest and consume their favorite plant. Trust us when we say that weed gifts go a long way, especially for individuals who frequently part take.

Keep reading for the best gift ideas to place in your very own DIY marijuana gift basket.

A Traditional Rolling Tray

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There’s something about wooden rolling trays that has a wholesome feel.

Help your favorite stoner roll their blunts and joints in a neat, tidy, and helpful way with a long-haul product like a wooden rolling tray.

Herb Recommends: Jay Mill by Matriarch | Black Walnut Wooden Rolling Tray.

Storage Jars

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Everyone needs a place to store their weed.

Most will keep their goods inside the bag or jar that it comes in, but reusable storage jars are designed to keep cannabis fresh until you’re ready to smoke it.

Herb Recommends: Capsule Storage Jar by Smoke Honest.

A Kickass Cartridge

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For the vaper in your life, re-up their stash with a powerful and portable vape cartridge. It helps to know which flavors, strains, and potencies your special stoner prefers, but there’s no harm in helping them try something new.

Herb Recommends: Looper THC-O Vape Cartridge: GMO Cookies, by DIMO.

The Coolest Edibles

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While you could gift the average THC or CBD gummies, we want to help you make one of the coolest stoner gift baskets with the most unique products.

We suggest heading over to Bay Smokes’s Slappin’ Delta-8 Snacks section to find everything from infused Stoneos and Froot Loops to crunchy chips.

Herb Recommends: Delta-8 BBQ Chips by Bay Smokes.

Rolling Papers

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Help your favorite stoner stock up on rolling papers.

You can never go wrong with a few packs of natural hemp rolling papers, which you can find at dispensaries, corner stores, and convenience stores.

Herb Recommends: Raw Natural UNREFINED Hemp Organic Rolling Papers.

Cannagar Mold Kit

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Do you know what a cannagar is? Help that special stoner smoke like a boss with the industry’s new cannabis cigar molding kits. There’s no harm in adding a little innovation to your gift basket.

Herb Recommends: Personal G2 CannaMold Kit by Purple Rose Supply.

An Invincibowl Bowl Piece

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For your beloved bong user, you’ve probably seen them break a bowl piece or two.

Gift them the bowl piece that’s unbreakable and in it for the long haul, the Invinicbowl. They come in seven different colors and were designed to last a lifetime.

Herb Recommends: Invincibowl Infinity Series by Invincibowl.

A Modern Grinder

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Chances are, your favorite stoner is using a grinder that’s well past its prime.

Help them say out with the old and in with the new after gifting them an innovative, premium, and effortless grinder that’s designed to bring out the best in each strain.

Herb Recommends: The Premium Edition Flower Mill by Flower Mill.

A Ceramic Mug Pipe

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For the stoner who appreciates weed-themed decor, gift them a ceramic mug pipe that works both ways.

Sip out of the mug area and toke from the handle that features a mouthpiece and large bowl.

Herb Recommends: Roast & Toast Premium Wall Mug by Fashion Craft.

Don't Forget CBD

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While most stoners prefer the psychoactive cannabinoid THC, there’s no denying that CBD can be a great tool for focus, stress relief, and bodily relaxation.

When you know someone works like a dog and needs some zen in their life, an oral CBD dropper is a great way to start.

Herb Recommends: Calm Day CBD Oil – Immune Boost, by Binoid.

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