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Culture | 09.30.2022

Elevate Your Sesh With Pristine Flower From fumé

Sustainably grown, terpene-rich, aromatic cannabis, the way mother nature intended.

Some people don’t really care for what they’re smoking, as long as it’s weed. On the other hand, some do intense research on different strains and genetics to find something for their preferred experience.

I never quite understood how some people could pick up literally anything from the dispensary. Their motto is usually “weed is weed,” if it can get them high, it does the job.

I couldn’t be more different from that kind of consumer. Suppose you’re someone who’s constantly looking for the newest arrivals at your local dispensary and are keen to try new potent strains that stand out from the rest.

In that case, we’re happy to introduce you to fumé, the modern California cannabis brand helping you achieve a higher cannabis experience.

About fumé

Fumé is French for smoked, and all of fumé’s products are meant for exactly that.

The modern brand invites connoisseurs and seasoned users to elevate their cannabis experience with some of the finest flower and most unique strains in California.

Besides flower, fumé also offers premium smoking accessories that help you experience its strains the way they were intended. All strains from fumé are hand-curated and meant to represent the best in California cannabis through a combination of:

  • Taste
  • Aroma
  • Experience

Furthermore, the entire fumé brand was created for the educated cannabis consumer who:

  • Looks for extraordinary strains
  • Understands the key role terpenes play in the experience
  • Is passionate about sustainability and giving back to the community

Pristine Flower At fumé

All strains at fumé are grown in small batches with complex cannabinoid and terpene profiles, providing you with the complete cannabis experience that mother nature intended.

These dank and terpene-rich strains are quite popular, but it’s likely you haven’t tried them in their truest, most potent form. Thankfully, fumé’s flower provides a full-spectrum experience that you simply can’t find elsewhere.

All buds are carefully cured and hand-trimmed, resulting in some of the most vibrant, alluring, and pungent strains on the market. It might make you feel better knowing that fumé holds sustainability as a top priority. The brand is a pure and honest showcase of new and heritage growers that grow small-batch flower sustainably and responsibly.

Some interesting facts about fumé’s growers and cultivation site include:

  • No run-off from their farm
  • No chemicals or toxic chemicals used
  • No imported water

Besides its three strains, Strawberry Bananaz (Sativa), Dank Fruit (Hybrid), and Double Chem OG (Indica), fumé also offers a premium line of elevated smoking accessories like:

  • UV-resistant, air-tight flower jars
  • Custom cherry wood smoke tips that come with the King Cones and Pre-Roll Packs
  • Organic beeswax hemp wicks

For more information about fumé or to shop the brand, visit its website at

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