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Learn | 07.28.2022

A Mobile Dispensary Takes Over NYC

A mobile dispensary? Yes please! You no longer have to worry about going to the dispensary, the dispensary comes to you.

Was there anything more exciting when you were growing up than hearing the ice cream delivery truck? Well, Feel Good Delivers will bring those memories back but with your new favorite: cannabis products.

Feel Good Delivers is a mobile dispensary located in Brooklyn. Basically, it’s a mobile cart that moves around the Williamsburg area loaded with your favorite cannabis products, your childhood dream brought to adult tastes. A cool, modern, and, above all, practical concept. How cool is that?

It really blows our minds to be able to buy weed like you buy a hot dog, on those desires you get on the go.

A welcoming, fun, knowledgeable, and trustworthy company that offers quality flowers and well-known brands. With Feel Good Delivers, you can get the best weed while strolling the streets of NYC, whether you live there or are visiting the big apple.

What Products Do They Offer

Photo courtesy of Feel Good

In this mobile dispensary, which moves around the Williamsburg – Brooklyn area, it is possible to find a number of products that rival – and surpass – any physical dispensary options.

You can buy flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, disposable live resin vapes, cartridges, infused pre-rolls, diamonds, and live resin.

They have their own flower offerings, as well as some of the best brands all the way from California.


Feel Good Delivers is not only a mobile dispensary that *literally* moves around the city, but they also offer deliveries! And the best part? In less than an hour (in certain areas). What more could you ask for?

Now there’s no excuse not to shop at the best dispensary in the Brooklyn area.

Final Opinion

Photo courtesy of Feel Good

The best mobile dispensary in New York, without a doubt: quality products, friendly service, and they are pioneers in the field of the mobile dispensary. Backed by over 15 years of experience, if you’re in town, don’t hesitate to check them out.

A novel concept that blows our minds and makes our lives easier. Well done, Feel Good Delivers. See you on the NYC streets!

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