Culture | 11.29.2022

Established In The Streets: Next Friday Grows Canada’s Favorite Weed

I smoke Next Friday. We are not the same.

There’s room for everyone in the cannabis industry. But how do you know which brands are actually worth your hard-earned money?

We’d like to remind you of the days before cannabis was federally legal. Canada’s cannabis scene has been thriving for decades, legal or not. The beautiful thing about illicit growers is their major impact on our current industry.

These are the same brands that paved the way for cannabis legalization through hard work, dedication, and undying love for the plant. Brands like Next Friday, grown in the trenches and “established in the fuckin’ streets,” notes their website.

Now, Next Friday grows some of Canada’s top strains. Learn more about Next Friday and their exceptional cultivars below.

About Next Friday

The brand’s name is unique, and we get the feeling other Canadian brands might understand its meaning without an explanation.

Throughout the entire process of building their facility and prepping to launch operations, the age-old question remained, “when are you gonna get licensed?”

The team at Next Friday didn’t have an answer, but they were aware that Health Canada distributed licenses on Fridays. Thus, if there was no news on Thursday, the team assumed they would hear back by Next Friday. This unique name carries an optimistic weight, almost as much as the effects of their exceptional strains.

Finally, Next Friday is proud to come from the original cannabis industry before it was legal. Today, the brand comprises a group of growers whose pre-legalization cultivation expertise is praised by newbies and vets alike.

Next Friday also has an apparel collection that strives to supply you with the illest gear you can celebrate.

What Are You Smoking?

Next Friday’s selection of strains is unmatched. I’ve personally been aching to get my hands on Cream N’ Tina, a wickedly potent Indica Hybrid packed with terpenes and sweet, spicy vanilla aromas.

Next Friday only carries strains that make an impact. These are Canada’s top picks for a reason. See Next Friday’s complete list of current strains below:

  • Kitchen Sink
  • Cream N’ Tina
  • Blueberry Fuego
  • Kiwi Sherbert
  • Jet Fuel
  • Fine Cookies
  • Dank Sinatra
  • Animal Ice Mints
  • Gorilla Dosha
  • London Pound Mints
  • OGK Pie

Smoke how connoisseurs smoke. In the wise words of Next Friday, “If you find yourself lost in the weeds, just blaze your own path.”

For more information about Next Friday, please visit their website at

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