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Field Trip: A Guide For Your Visit To Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a place worth visiting for its breathtaking landscapes...and wonderful weed.

Boulder is a city located at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in northern Colorado. It’s a beautiful spot, and many tourists stop by for the views or the city’s long history with cannabis.

Yes, there are very much cannabis tourists, and we know a few of them. Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis and is home to the world’s first successful marijuana legalization legislation.

Besides Colorado’s impressive pro-weed movement, the city of Boulder has a lot to experience, from entertainment and dispensaries to the perfect sesh spot.

If you’re planning a visit to Boulder, see our field trip guide below.

Sesh Spot

If you’re looking for an excellent place for a smoke session in nature, Boulder has dozens of options. This natural paradise is packed with parks to help you appreciate the wonders of nature while smoking a good joint.

But remember, consuming cannabis in public is illegal, and it’s especially frowned upon in heavy foot-traffic areas. We recommend either sparking up at your residence beforehand or trekking somewhere with no one else in sight.

A fantastic place is the Flatirons. Those huge sloping slabs of sandstone form the backdrop of Boulder from almost any angle. These natural formations have a touch of mysticism and seeing them while high is perhaps the perfect way to experience it.

The Chautauqua area offers the best way to see them up close. Here, you have two options: stay in the meadow hiking area or start a hike through the hills going straight up to the Flatirons.

Another incredible place is the Boulder Creek Trail. Miles of paved trail wind through the heart of Boulder and are easily accessible to all. A spectacular place to enjoy some fresh air and beautiful views of Boulder.


This picturesque town in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains has earned an international reputation for having delicious eats over the past two decades.

If you’re looking for a little off-the-beaten-path dining, Little Tibet is what you’ve been looking for. A serene little sanctuary in North Boulder, it serves Tibetan specialties rarely seen in these parts:

  • Sha bhaley (fried beef and onion stuffed burgers)
  • Laphing (cold sliced bean jelly with chili sauce)
  • Gyuma (blood sausage)

If your rumbling stomach calls for something more familiar, like delicious Italian food, feel free to stop by Frasca Food and Wine. Their many culinary awards are quite impressive, and the food speaks for itself. Their sister location, Pizzeria Locale, serves expert Neapolitan-style pizzas for a more casual experience at a (much) lower price.

If you’re looking for something more typical of this town, The Kitchen Boulder is happy to welcome you. It’s a spacious and cozy dining room with a free-flowing menu featuring dishes like roasted chicken with truffle cream and fries, black spaghetti with rock shrimp and ‘nduja, and fried green tomatoes with lobster remoulade. Is your mouth watering yet?

Entertainment In Boulder

The activities in Boulder are endless, but we recommend hiking the natural wonders of this picturesque city. In Boulder, you have:

  • The Rocky Mountains
  • The Flatirons
  • The Royal Arc to see hundreds of chipmunks
  • The Mount Sanitas Trail to test your hiking skills

If you’re an outdoor adventurer, Boulder is the place for you. But there are also less risky activities, such as the Pearl Street Mall, where you will find art galleries, cafes, restaurants, and boutiques.

There are also planetariums and museums, such as the Fiske Planetarium and the Museum of Natural History, with exhibits on zoology and anthropology located on the campus of the University of Colorado Boulder.

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