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Guides | 03.30.2022

5 Reasons Why The High Is Better In The Great Outdoors

How about a puff under the stars? Or a hit at the cliffside? Maybe edibles by the lake? Experiences are made possible only by exploring nature.

We frequently ask ourselves as cannabis writers when reviewing a product: What would be the perfect place to experience this product? And with such frequency, the answer turns out to be simple: Anywhere, but outdoors.

Hopefully far from the places, we frequent on a daily, places we often associate with bustle and work, or places where we’re surrounded by people and their antics.

The fresh air, the views, and the sounds and smells of nature all play into the high when you smoke outdoors. It’s a wholesome experience that is often much less anxiety-inducing than smoking while walking down the crowded boardwalk.

Beyond that, the experience doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially if you’ve got the right gear. Keep portability, durability, and simplicity in mind when buying your paraphernalia, and you’ll have no trouble smoking in the wild.

Look at a brand like HØJ for reference. Their pipe and grinder are the stuff of dreams in terms of durability and practicality. They’ll have you sorted and high under any conditions. There’s plenty to talk about here, so have at our top 5 reasons for smoking outdoors:

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The Views

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This is an obvious one, but we’ll hype it up anyway cause a good view can really make any hike worth it. Whether you’re alone, contemplating a sunset blunt-in-hand, or with friends passing it around, the scenery is bound to make the moment memorable.

An iconic skyline, a mountainous ridge, or a seaside view are all excellent candidates for high-enhancing scenery.

Getting In Touch with Nature

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The very ancient history of psychedelics predates any semblance of modernity, weed, in particular, is wholly a part of the natural world, so it just makes sense to enjoy it while surrounded by nature.

The way cannabis can enhance your perception by swelling up the sights, sounds, and textures of nature, and presenting them to you in all their beauty, it almost feels like this is the way it was always meant to be.

Just make sure you also take care of nature while you’re out there, avoid littering and be mindful of the way you use fire.

Breathing Fresh Air

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Particularly if you live in a congested city, you might often develop cravings for fresh air. Far away from homes and highways, you can find respite from the contaminants that crowd our air to the point where we almost feel accustomed to them.

It might seem weird to refer to fresh air when we’re talking about smoking, an activity where you intentionally inhale smoky air, but as soon as you exhale that puff, you will fill your lungs reinvigorate with cool breezy clean air. Honestly, pretty underrated.

Exercising and Walking Around

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Getting to the most satisfying parts of the great outdoors will often require you to put in some legwork, and that’s a good thing. The way exercise oxygenates your blood and gets your heart pumping is a high in itself, the dopamine high from physical activity is well documented and pairs well with the cannabinoid high of weed.

If you’re more of a leisure traveler in the outdoors, then a pleasant stroll will do the trick, having you energized, entertained, and likely in a great mood all day long.

Doing What You Love

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It doesn’t matter if it’s reading, writing, yoga, art, music, or sky-gazing, the best thing to do pretty much every time you get high is whatever you love the most. Likewise, your trips to the outdoor will always be more enchanting and memorable if you spend them doing those things you most enjoy.

Getting Geared Up For The Outdoors With HØJ

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Photo courtesy of HØJ

If you’re heading to the outdoors with a plastic grinder and a shoddy pipe, you’re bound to find sooner or later that life could be so much easier and more convenient. A company like HØJ, with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, simplicity, and harmony with nature, will get you sorted with the kind of products that excel under outdoor conditions.

Take a look at their 2.0 pipe, for example, which boasts a sleek shark gill-inspired design and consists of two magnetically attached pieces. HØJ’s patent-pending microchannel construction differentiates it from regular pipes, as it improves airflow and regulates temperature for smoother, cleaner hits.

It’s also a breeze to clean, just take it apart and wash it in the sink or throw it in the dishwasher. The pipe is built out of recyclable anodized aluminum, making it durable washable, while the filters are titanium coated stainless-steel for durability and heat resistance.

The Klip Slicer is the other standout HØJ product we would take to the outdoors. It’s a slicer because it tries to slice your weed instead of grinding it, a process that preserves more trichomes in the herb for better flavor and effect.

If you’re getting geared up for an outdoor hike, we can’t help but recommend these, because they prioritize quality construction and ease of use, which will make your hike that much more pleasant.

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