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FOCL Uses Mother Nature’s Best Ingredients To Help You Feel Your Best

FOCL believes feeling better is everything. Never let your health hold you back from living a quality life.

Many of us were introduced to CBD for a reason. Maybe this is your first time hearing of it, or perhaps you use this sacred cannabinoid daily to combat stress and anxiety.

Whatever your relationship with CBD is like, there’s always room for improvement. Ken Lawson, CEO, and Founder of FOCL, was shocked by the lack of safe, quality, and accessible CBD products on the market. We couldn’t agree more.

As more states begin welcoming cannabis and hemp with open arms, more businesses enter our industry for money-making ventures without the care, value, transparency, and quality that a reliable CBD company should have.

Companies like FOCL aim to offer life-enhancing products only using the best of mother nature’s ingredients to help you live life the way it was intended. Nobody deserves to hold themselves back because of an illness or condition, and FOCL wholeheartedly agrees.

About FOCL

FOCL’s story begins with CEO and Founder Ken Lawson, who was working around the clock in his twenties to get his business ventures up and running.

Everything from fast food, lack of sleep, and tremendous stress prompted his body to give out completely. He spent the next two years with severe fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, and other unexplainable symptoms until a doctor diagnosed him with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Lawson made all the lifestyle changes he could while also incorporating plant-based supplements into his wellness routine. However, quality sleep and clear thinking still eluded him until he was introduced to CBD.

As mentioned, Lawson was shocked by the scarce options for safe, accessible, high-quality CBD. Thus, he created the modern wellness brand FOCL, committed to:

  • Quality
  • Transparency
  • Value

FOCL aims to help you feel good to enjoy what’s most important, from family and friends to hobbies and self-care. This is a brand that firmly believes feeling better is everything.

Effective, High-Quality CBD

FOCL is dedicated to providing only the highest quality, effective CBD products to help you feel your best. Their many products provide drastic improvements to areas such as:

  • Sleep
  • Relief
  • Recovery
  • Focus
  • Stress

Furthermore, FOCL deeply understands the importance of knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body and the effects/benefits it provides. The company is transparent about what they use in its products while proudly sharing its certifications and rigorous testing processes.

The brand merges modern science with ancient medicine to produce research-backed custom-formulated blends for functional wellness, all of which contain:

  • Powerful adaptogens
  • Healing botanicals
  • Premium hemp CBD

Browse popular options like the Premium Full-Spectrum CBD Drops to truly harness the power of cannabinoids with the entourage effect. Or get a good night’s sleep with the Premium Full Spectrum CBD + CBN Sleep Drops, Gummies, or a bundle!

And don’t miss out on FOCL’s delicious gummies, effective daily supplements, and soothing topicals.

For more information about FOCL, visit their website at

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