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Garden Society Is Redefining Cannabis For Women And Femme

The brand understands how to bring cannabis into the lives of women and femme individuals, making them excited about incorporating the plant into their lifestyle.

Women hold almost 37% of senior-level jobs in the cannabis industry. That still isn’t enough.

Impressively, women cannabis consumers are starting to outpace men at 51% and 49%, respectively. So why is there still a major lacking of companies, brands, and products geared toward women?

It’s as simple as understanding that the cannabis space is still male-dominated, especially in terms of employers, senior-level jobs, and company owners.

We understand that not every woman or femme consumer wants to shop at companies that don’t diversify their product selections to suit consumers of different genders and identities.

When you’re looking to support women in the industry and shop products geared towards your lifestyle, look to Garden Society, a leading California cannabis brand that’s women-owned and operated.

About Garden Society

The team at Garden Society are pioneers looking for new and enriching ways to find relief from the stressors of modern living. It’s a brand that’s sharply focused on making cannabis experiences seamless, as human as possible, and empowering.

Garden Society is proud to connect sustainable ingredients and strain-specific cannabis in its products, which truly harness the full power and potential of this sacred plant.

“Quality products for quality of life. It’s cannabis with a fresh perspective,” reads Garden Society’s website, explaining how its products offer a consistent, expected, and enjoyable cannabis experience that you can rely on.

The brand prides itself on not wanting to be just your average cannabis brand but one that breaks the stigma and redefines cannabis for women and femme-leaning individuals. That’s why Garden Society provides products that you can resonate with, relate to, and get excited about.

With a little help from Garden Society, you can find easy, simple, and effective ways to make cannabis an essential part of your lifestyle with products that represent you.

Blissful Rest, Brighter Day, Calm & Focus

Garden Society provides products geared towards different effects. These effects include:

  • Blissful Rest
  • Brighter Day
  • Calm & Focus

Within these categories are delicious, craft cannabis edibles and sun-grown pre-rolls that intersect sustainable ingredients and responsible farming with strain-specific cannabis.

Whether you’re canna-curious or a seasoned user, Garden Society strives to help you achieve a comfortable cannabis experience and witness how this plant can make a difference in everyone’s daily life.

Below, we’ve broken down the three product categories at Garden Society and the overall feeling these products provide.

Blissful Rest

Look to Garden Society’s Blissful Rest category when you need a good night’s sleep or to rest and relax the mind and body after a long day. These products include:

  • Blissful Rest Rosettes – Indica Hybrid Pre-Rolls
  • Blissful Rest Milk Chocolate With Sea Salt
  • Hash-Infused Blissful Rest Rosettes – Sativa Hybrid Pre-Rolls
  • Blissful Rest Tart Cherry Pinot Noir

Brighter Day

The Brighter Day category lets you soak up the sunshine and feel good in the moment with cannabis that puts a smile on your face. These products include:

  • Brighter Day Spiced Dark Chocolate
  • Brighter Day Rosettes – Sativa Hybrid Pre-Rolls
  • Hash-Infused Brighter Day Rosettes – Sativa Hybrid Pre-Rolls
  • Brighter Day Peach Prosecco

Calm & Focus

Relieve the mind of worries and focus on your daily tasks with Garden Society’s high-CBD Calm & Focus category. These products include:

  • Calm & Focus Rosettes – High CBD Pre-Rolls
  • Calm & Focus Milk Chocolate With Chai
  • Hash-Infused Calm & Focus Rosettes – High CBD Pre-Rolls
  • Calm & Focus Sparkling Strawberry Rosé

For more information or to shop Garden Society, visit its website at

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