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Heavy Hitters Promises To Create The Purest And Most Potent Cannabis Products On The Market

Mediocre products got you down? Experience cannabis that's far from average at Heavy Hitters.

What do you look for in a cannabis product?

Maybe you’re scoping goods that take away pain and inflammation. Or perhaps you’re more in tune with recreational consumption and look for products that’ll put you on your ass.

Many of us enjoy the recreational fun of using strong and potent cannabis products. But accessing such powerful goods can be tricky in an industry packed with medium-strength products.

Even some strains that boast high THC contents might not be so strong, considering they’ve been sitting and degrading on the shelves for months. That’s where Heavy Hitters comes in, earning the consumer’s trust and respect based on high-quality standards and a promise to make the purest and most potent cannabis products on the market.

About Heavy Hitters

What started as a dozen friends running operations in a Venice home has now become one of the leading cannabis brands in the country.

The brand’s unique products often take up lots of room on dispensary displays, pointing consumers in the right direction of the headiest products on the market.

As mentioned, Heavy Hitters’ brand principle is very straightforward, to create the purest and most potent cannabis products. It’s safe to say the brand has achieved that, but we’ll get to those products later.

The brand prides itself in producing ultra-potent concentrates. However, that process started with ultra-premium, potent cannabis. Heavy Hitters’ farmers handle their flower with extreme care. Even when the flower ends up in the extraction lab, that careful process is managed with the utmost TLC.

Thanks to the brand’s seriously high standards, consumers can expect a reliable and powerful experience provided by all Heavy Hitters’ products. By using only the purest and cleanest distillate, Heavy Hitters showcases how clean, delicious, and powerful cannabis experiences shouldn’t be hard to find.

The Renowned Diamond Pre-Roll From Heavy Hitters

One of the most popular and fan-favorite products from Heavy Hitters is its renowned Diamond Pre-Roll.

Before we get into this impressive roll, it’s essential to know that Heavy Hitters products use:

  • 100% Cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Complex full-body blends
  • Prestigious 3rd party labs for rigorous testing
  • Zero cutting agents: no vitamin E, PG, VG, MCT

The result is powerful cannabis in the purest possible form, making for a consistent and reliable experience with delicious flavors you can’t find elsewhere.

Take its Diamond Pre-Roll, for example. This superior product comes in a whopping 29 different strains and uses ultra-premium flower and ultra-potent 98%+ THCA diamonds. Even more impressive is how the current strain offerings are testing up to nearly 60% THC.

If that’s not a heavy hitter, I don’t know what is. Find many more potent products like these on Heavy Hitters’ website at

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