Culture | 09.11.2022

High Culture: LOOP/POOL, A Cannabis Brand For Creators, By Creators

We support brands that give back. It's time you do too.

There’s no denying that music is an essential part of our precious cannabis culture.

Back when hip-hop was peaking in the 90s, we had powerhouse acts like the Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and other weed-loving icons that were always seen with a joint in hand.

As the cannabis community progresses into a more normalized and mainstream space, it’s time we start giving back to artists, musicians, and creators that have praised the plant for decades.

One Canadian cannabis brand is one step ahead. Meet LOOP/POOL (pronounced loophole), a brand for creators, by creators.


LOOP/POOL is on a mission to bring out the best in music and unlock the potential of existing and future artists.

It helps that the brand is co-owned by a collective of seven Canadian artists, including:

  • Our Lady Peace
  • Stars
  • Roy Woods
  • dvsn
  • Blue Rodeo
  • Felix Cartal
  • Kiesza

LOOP/POOL is also co-owned by founder Ian Kwechansky. When discussing the challenges that artists face in the modern-day music scene, he said, “Grant programs are oversubscribed, and it’s hard for new people to access the funds that already exist.”

He added that “in times of crisis, art funds are the first things to get slashed. What we want to do is provide funding for the future even though the future is unknown.”

Thus, LOOP/POOL proudly centers operations around supporting emerging artists through its own “POOL/FUND.”


The artist-co-owned weed company promises to share a portion of its proceeds with its grant program dubbed the POOL/FUND.

It’s a philanthropic organization that receives a minimum of 5% of LOOP/POOL‘s proceeds, which go towards emerging and underserved artists who cannot access current grant programs.

This grant program directly funds and helps emerging artists so they can achieve their greatest artistic desires when existing grants are out of the question. LOOP/POOL‘s current goal is to get the POOL/FUND up to $1 million.

This money would help artists in various areas in which they need funding:

  • Creating music videos
  • Touring
  • Booking studio time
  • Marketing
  • Paying collaborators

So, when you support LOOP/POOL, you’re supporting creatorsLOOP/POOL currently has various products on the Canadian market, distributed by Bold Growth Inc. You can shop LOOP/POOL on the Ontario Cannabis Store. For more information about LOOP/POOL, visit its website at, and  Instagram.

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