Culture | 08.22.2022

Mike Tyson & Ric Flair Team Up For New Cannabis Line

The "Ric Flair Drip" cannabis line is coming to 11 U.S. states.

Are you looking for some Ric Flair Drip?

In recent news, a new collaboration is ready to sweep the cannabis industry. Two familiar names are teaming up to bring an exciting new line of products, none other than Mike Tyson and Ric Flair.

Tyson, a former heavyweight champion and professional boxer, is a firm cannabis advocate and has even confessed to taking psychedelics every day. As many of us know, he’s launched a successful premium cannabis brand, Tyson 2.0.

The brand sells everything from top-shelf flower to Mike Bites, edibles shaped like an ear with a bite missing. This time around, the legendary boxer is teaming up with wrestling icon Ric Flair for a new line of cannabis products.

The new collaboration stems from Tyson 2.0’s partnership with Verano, an American multi-state cannabis operator. The company currently has over 100 dispensaries across the country and will carry the upcoming Ric Flair Drip cannabis line.

A few products to expect from the upcoming launch include;

  • 1g pre-rolls in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid
  • 3.5g flower in Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid
  • 1g and 0.9g vaporizers
  • Edibles

One of those edibles is the WOOOOO Chews, named after Ric Flair’s catchphrase, “WOOOOO!” In a press release, the wrestler expressed his excitement to bring luxury cannabis products to the masses.

“WOOOOO! I’m so thrilled to bring Ric Flair Drip Cannabis products to TYSON 2.0 fans,” said Ric Flair. He added that after discovering cannabis later in life, he was “overwhelmed by how much it has helped elevate the mind and heal the body.”

Thus, the new partnership with Ric Flair and Tyson 2.0 is committed to sharing the plant’s healing properties with consumers far and wide. More specifically, the upcoming Ric Flair Drip cannabis line will be available in 11 U.S. states.

There is currently no word on when the products will meet the market. Until then, find more information about Tyson 2.0 on its website,

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