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See How Almora Mastered Cannabis Cultivation

By standing behind four pillars of success, Almora Farm's cannabis remains unmatched.

Everyone deserves consistent cannabis. Buds we can rely on for expected effects and experiences is something few brands have mastered.

Growing great weed isn’t rocket science, but it takes some serious knowledge about the plant, genetics, cultivation, and an unmatched commitment to the craft and cannabis consumers. You can practically taste when a strain is grown with love, far from the dry and brittle buds running amok.

When you want cannabis done right, look to Almora. This California brand prides itself on growing consistent cannabis for everyone in need of great weed. Learn more about the brand, its products, and how it mastered the growth game below.

About Almora

Almora grows some of the highest-quality cannabis on the market. They do so by standing by four main pillars of success. Almora firmly believes that growing great cannabis can be achieved when you get the essentials down:

Genetics: Almora’s cannabis comes from the finest genetics. They preserve the commitment and passion of cultivators that came before them while reminding consumers that all cannabis has a story to tell.

Cultivation: Almora sees their cultivators as equal parts farmers, artists, and magicians. Not only do they stand by rigorous organic farming principles, but they ensure their flower can thrive under the radiant California sun.

Commitment: The team behind the brand is hard at work getting down and dirty in the soil so you can smoke something memorable. From hand-trimming flowers to nurturing each and every plant, Almora is dedicated to elevating your experience.

Love: What would cannabis be without love? This family business takes pride in their passion for the plant while sharing it with all.

What's On The Shelves?

Almora’s farms in California’s best agricultural regions are constantly producing exceptional sun-grown cannabis that any connoisseur can appreciate. All products at Almora are:

  • Excellent quality
  • Affordable
  • Produced with natural organic farming techniques
  • Grown with thoughtfully curated genetics
  • Presented in airtight packaging for maximum freshness

Choose from options like Sungrown Flower (3.5g & 28g) and Smalls (14g & 28g) for the complete Almora experience. They also offer a new Pre-Roll Multipack, coming with 14 pre-rolls made with their most popular sun-grown strains. Not to mention the wickedly potent Live Resin-Infused Pre-Roll Multipack (5 Pack.)

Don’t miss out on other euphoric goods like seltzers, live resin, live rosin, and vape cartridges. For more information about Almora, visit their website at

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