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Culture | 01.06.2023

Somebody Is A “You-First” Wellness Brand Inviting You To Come As You Are

Finally, Somebody who honestly cares for your wellness.

The old saying goes, you must learn to love yourself before you can love somebody else.

That saying doesn’t just apply to love. Maybe you’ve spent far too much time putting in the effort to care for somebody else when your needs aren’t being met. In order to truly care for others, we must care for ourselves first.

Your needs are the top priority and should never be put on the back burner. For individuals who often put someone else’s needs first, meet Somebody, a “you-first” wellness brand focused on skincarepain, and dietary health.

The brand proudly believes in the power of collective purpose. However, in order to be at our best and champion our collective purpose, we must focus on caring for ourselves first.

About Somebody

Somebody was founded by three friends and entrepreneurs, Marie, Austin, and Krystal. It’s a vegan beauty, women, and Latina-owned brand whose founders came from different walks of life to unite on their common goal.

Their mission was to create a science-backed self-care brand that uses tried and true raw ingredients in sustainably produced and beautiful life-enhancing products. That vision is very much a reality.

The brand is firmly rooted in raising awareness for conscious living by educating consumers on the ins, outs, and benefits of CBD. Somebody’s personalized product selection has something for everyone, from cramp relievers to CBD headache rollers; Somebody has your wellness covered.

The brand strives to redefine wellness by enhancing the themes of connection, connecting to ourselves, our health, well-being, our cities, and the world around us.

When we care for ourselves, only then can we care for someone else.

World-Class Products

Before we touch on Somebody’s broad and impressive product selection, let’s get one thing straight.

Somebody doesn’t promise their products will make you feel more perfect or complete. Instead, the brand invites you to come as you are while offering complete unbridled support no matter who you are.

All ages, ethnicities, abilities, shapes, and sizes are cared for equally and with compassion. Somebody celebrates you and your personal journey to wellness.

Furthermore, it might give you peace of mind that all Somebody products are made with recyclable packaging. That includes the packaging of its tinctures, skincare, topicals, lip balms, and much more.

Browse products that alleviate wounds, skin, joints, and muscles, like the CBD Muscle, Joint, & Skin Balm. For a more direct method, opt for the CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops, containing all terpenes, cannabinoids, and plant compounds present in the hemp plant to produce a more complete effect, also known as the entourage effect.

Some other impressive products include:

For more information about Somebody, visit their website at

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