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Culture | 06.09.2022

You Won’t Believe The Role Snoop Dogg Is Playing In This Upcoming Netflix Film

In "Day Shift" starring Jamie Foxx, Snoop Dogg will play a character that we've never seen from him.

In terms of Snoop Dogg’s acting career, he’s one of the most typecasted actors in the entertainment scene. 

He’s featured in a handful of movies like MGK’s Good Mourning, where he played a talking joint. Similarly, in The Beach Bum with Matthew McConaughey, Snoop played a stoner who was best friends with a novel-writing hippie. 

These are just a few examples of how directors will snag Snoop to play that beloved, cool as a cucumber, stoned guy from the West Coast

But his latest role in a new Netflix movie with Jamie Foxx lets us see the D-O-Double-G in a different light. 

He’s set to play a vampire hunter in Day Shift, coming to the entertainment streaming service later this summer. 


Day Shift is a horror action comedy that takes place in a world full of vampires who are hunted down for their sharp fangs. 

J.J. Perry directs the film, and it’s his first director role ever before. He opened up to sources and explained how typecasting Snoop is getting old. It’s time we focus on his true acting capabilities and not just scenes that involve weed. 

Instead of hiring Snoop to play his classic roles, “I put a cowboy hat on him, and I gave him the same swagger as my old platoon sergeant,” Perry concluded. 

We’re thrilled to see the OG cannabis connoisseur branch out into roles that showcase Calvin Broadus’s acting talents, not Snoop Dogg’s. The upcoming film, Day Shift, will be available on Netflix on August 12. 

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