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Who’s Got The Best Munchies: East Coast vs West Coast

Welcome to munchie war!

One of the things I enjoy the most about smoking is the munchies I get and how much food my body can take while stoned. I am a cook, and as such love eating while high. Sometimes I get these fantastic ideas for things that may not be so conventional, so to say. But most of the time, I get cravings for the best food while smoking the best weed. 

When it comes down to the munchies, I like to go crazy with options, not necessarily enormous amounts of food, but I do love when the cost-benefit tips in my favor. I favor sharing lots of different food, rather than just ordering a plate to myself to enjoy all the different flavors and textures.

Now, both sides have fantastic food and great herb! So I like to see it more as a journey with a bud. We also know that typically, munchies come at late hours, so we will surely favor those places that offer excellent late-night food, great diners, or breakfast joints that serve 24 hours a day.

What Are The Munchies?

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This informal expression is all about craving, feeling a sudden and strong desire for food. And why do stoners get the munchies? All cannabis consumers have felt that augmented sensorial perception we get when we smoke, take an edible, dab, or whatever we do with the flower. 

This same sharpening happens to your senses, specifically taste, touch and smell. And marijuana stimulates appetite with this hormonal effect in addition to the many other relaxing and calming effects.

We crave all sorts of different foods and just go through a whole bag of Doritos or your favorite snack when high because they’re just so damn tasty.

We must consider that CBD does not cause the munchies yet is helpful for many other things that can ultimately lead you to a problematic relationship with food.

What Does Weed Do To Your Perception Of Food?

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Marijuana is a drug capable of elevating experiences and uplifting your soul, which are two significant effects that combine with the knowledge of eating food. Beyond satisfying a physical or physiological need, this is about feeling every texture, tasting every flavor, and feeling those taste buds rock.

I look for three main components in food, all three essential for food to be considered an art form—first, taste. Taste has two equally essential elements: taste itself (understood as differencing flavors with your tongue) and smell for added retronasal taste and presentation.

Then, I need the texture to be on point, not only in technical prowess regarding cooking techniques but also in the capacity to elevate each product and be coherent with the whole picture.

Finally, I want a product that looks good, to back the culinary proposal and go through the first sense that puts food under the scan, vision. Now that we know those three components let’s see what weed does to the perception of those flavors, textures, and the aesthetics of the plate.

Let’s say you ordered a double bacon cheeseburger with pickles and caramelized onions with a side of fries. When the server hands it to you, you are entirely focused on that burger, its color, the slightly visible crisp from the iron on the bun. Weed makes you latch on to what you’re doing, so you are on a stare-down with one mean burger. 

You take a quick whiff of the smoked bacon, touch the soft and toasty potato bun, and with just one bite of the burger, you dissect each flavor independently and as a whole. Every sensation increases, the textures are sharper, more defined, and each mouthful is more delicious than the last.

East Coast vs West Coast: Best Weed

It won’t take long; this one is a breeze. So, when it comes down to the East Coast vs West Coast best weed face-off, there’s a clear winner: The West Coast. And, although both have amazing and unique cannabis cultures, the legality factor weighs in hard.

Legality has allowed increased research, industrialization, marketing, and investigation of cannabic products, which is why there is a vast difference, and the West Coast has the upper hand. Regardless, both coasts have fantastic herb!

With a different environment and approach to cannabis, there is an increased demand for products and services that favor the cannabis user experience. But, when it comes to munchies, all you need is good weed and great food.

East Coast vs West Coast: A Title For The Best Food

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If you’re traveling at or live on the East coast of the US, you have heard wonders about the food in cities like New York, Miami, Philly, Boston, or perhaps you’ve got more of a staple of local or regional food in mind. Lobster Rolls from Connecticut and Maine, Philly cheesesteak, Bagels with a ton of toppings, Cuban cuisine, or Boston Cream Pie all sound amazing and taste great.

With a rich, thriving, and living culinary scene, the East Coast offers terrific food and great cities to visit for extraordinary times while high and fully munched out. I recall the Latino flavors in Miami and the rich influence of seafood as you make your way North.

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As diverse and booming as the East Coast, the West Coast has a rich culinary culture and remarkable influence from other places in the world. California is booming with culinary culture, and with deep and rich Asian and Central American influence, there are great options for the munchies.

Although the East Coast generally has one or two more restaurants on whichever Top 20 chart you look at, it is not necessarily about fine dining when it comes down to the munchies. And every single person is passionate about their food and culture, so it’s a real tough one to shoulder.

When it comes down to fast food and sweets, the East Coast has eateries like Whitecastle, Cracker Barrel, Shake Shack, Georgetown Cupcake, Waffle House, Cook Out, and Magnolia. Amongst many others, these places have some of the best food options for flavorful palate teasers we crave the most while high. 

The West Coast has terrific food chains like Kara’s Cupcakes, In-N-Out, Del Taco, Roscoe’s, Jack in the Box, Dutch Bros., Carros, and Lee’s Sandwiches. And with award-winning restaurants all along the West Coast, there are many options to choose from.

Regarding foods, both coasts have incredible offers in all price ranges, great regional chains, unique local dishes, and booming culinary culture. Both the East Coast and the West Coast come up tied because how can we say which food is better? As long as there is food and weed involved, I’m game.

Verdict: Which US Coast Has The Best Munchies

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I’m a person that thoroughly enjoys the East Coast, and when it comes to food, it has incredible places to go to for food tours. Also, the West Coast, even California alone, has ample culinary proposals that are keen to rock the East Coast’s world. 

The open, more tolerant environment on the West Coast gives them many points, plus there are more services and products out there for everyone to jump on the train. Enjoy your munchies responsibly, take your pick, and travel along with one of the two coasts, or do both if you can.

I will go with the West Coast. Their cannabis culture allows a more thorough enjoyment of the munchies. It’s hard to go with one or the other, but because of the whole picture surrounding the cannabis and food culture of the West Coast, they come out on top.

Once again, the West Coast comes out on top and thanks in part to the fantastic vibe around cannabis. Stay stoned, get the munchies, and whether you eat at your place or dine out, enjoy those cravings and dissect each bite. Try it!

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