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Health | 05.03.2022

Here’s What Your Body Goes Through When Taking A Tolerance Break

While cannabis addiction is very real, chronic users have the easiest withdrawal experience out of all drug users.

Whether you’re familiar with the good old t-break or too nervous to try, we’re here to ensure you that while cannabis addiction does exist, the withdrawal symptoms really aren’t anything to fear. 

That said, there are obviously going to be some negatives that make the experience pretty dull, like loss of appetite, irritability, anxiety, and very vivid dreams. While these make up the core of marijuana withdrawal symptoms, you’ll also be happy to know that these symptoms don’t last very long at all. 

Let’s take a look at all drugs for a moment; what they all have in common is the ability to interfere with dopamine signaling in the brain, thus downregulating the dopaminergic neurons. In other words, your brain is used to getting synthetic dopamine from weed and doesn’t produce as much of it anymore. 

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However, according to IFL Science, weed smokers are the luckiest of them all to beat addiction, as cannabis has shown to not reduce dopamine neurons, and even chronic users won’t feel the debilitating lows that come with quitting a substance.

Cannabis users do suffer from “blunted dopamine signaling,” according to IFL Science, which mostly happens in daily weed users and shows that if the individual is planning to quit, there would probably be some distress and irritability.

Besides dopamine, THC also plays a pretty big part in the brain by downregulating important cannabinoid receptors. The main receptor is CB1, and the main neurotransmitter wanting to link up with CB1 is called anandamide, or the “bliss molecule” that produces sensations of euphoria.

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This means that when CB1 is downregulated and does not interact properly with endocannabinoids like anandamide, it becomes more difficult for an individual to feel euphoria and zen without puffing on a little green. But like we said, fear not, as your CB1 receptor should be back in action within four weeks. 

But how do you know when your withdrawal symptoms are at their peak? You’ll start noticing symptoms, as we mentioned above, like irritability, anxiety, and poor sleep within a couple of days, and it usually lasts around 4-5 days. 

Then, about ten days into your parting from cannabis, your dreams might start to feel a little too real, and this is when you know you’ve hit your peak. Finally, your body will begin to feel more at ease after two weeks without weed.

Detox Your Body

A crucial part of the process of taking a tolerance break is to detox your body. In fact, many users take a tolerance break with the main purpose of cleansing their bodies from toxins.

The detox process occurs naturally during the time you are not using the substance, but you can accelerate it by using detox products. There are many of them on the market but on you will find the most effective and safest to use.

Keep on reading to learn about them and which ones suit you best.

Permanent Detox Kits

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PassYourTest has two detox programs that will get your body cleansed in a week by taking a few pills daily. The first one is the 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program, recommended for people who have low to average body fat and weight less than 200 lbs. This program promises to wash away all toxins whether you have moderate to heavy exposure to toxins.

The second program is an extended version of the previous. The 10 Day Ultra Detoxification Program is designed for users who have high body fat and weigh more than 200 lbs. This potent program eliminates toxins from heavy to extreme exposure.

Both programs come with a detailed detox guide and a meal plan to enhance their effectiveness of it. You will also find home testing kits in the package to check on your progress. Users give testimony of its effectiveness, and many claim to even have lost weight in the process.

Hair Follicle Cleanser

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Toxins are also in your hair, and they last months to cleanse naturally. Thus, you should also take care of your hair by using the Folli-Clean Shampoo. Especially if you will go through some toxins tests, this shampoo is useful to eliminate toxins traces within 60 minutes and they won’t come up on your hair again for 24 hours.

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