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The Science Of Dreams: How The Oneiric World Works

Cannabis has a deep relation with sleep, assisting consumers with sleeping and staying asleep. Created with Binoid.

The oneiric world is that which relates to dreams, and dreams occur in various stages of sleep, most frequently in the REM stage of sleep, which is when we have rapid eye movement.

Take a look at this article where we explain what dreams are and how you can achieve better nights of sleep with the use of Binoid’s Good Night CBD Oil.

Why Binoid's Good Night CBD Oil?

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This oil has got everything you need to get the rejuvenating sleep we all want – broads-spectrum, THC-free CBD extract, CBN, essential oils, and sleep-enhancing plant-based ingredients.

Binoid’s sleep formula combines the power of mind and body soothing cannabinoids like CBD and CBN and terpenes with other natural sleep aids like valerian root and skullcap to create the ultimate sleep aid.

The absence of THC makes this an ideal alternative for those who want to use cannabis as a sleep aid but do not want to reduce dreaming. As THC use has been linked to lower REM sleep cycles – where dreams occur – products like Binoid’s oil are the solution.

To use it, place 1-2 droppers under your tongue and hold it for 30 seconds before swallowing. We suggest you use them an hour before going to bed to let its effects take place just in time for you to hit the sack.

What Are Dreams?

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Dreams have been a matter of discussion, interpretation, and analysis for millennia. Even though we dare to give these vivid hallucinations some sense or meaning, if we search for the reason we dream or what these mean, we will enter a cycle that will throw us off the scent. 

In reality, we may not even understand the complete meaning of dreams, function, or role, but it sure is fun to dream! What we do know is that dreams happen the most when in the REM cycle of sleep and that this cycle occurs to boost brain function, regulate the immune system, and promote a healthy life.

There are many different theories behind what dreams are. Perhaps the most studied and exciting approaches are that dreams are meant to store emotional memories and are a byproduct of neural activity.

This means the brain is weaving memories, emotions, narrative structures, and stimuli while asleep, and then we give them interpretation and meaning when awake. 

Others believe that dreams are simulations of social situations and that our moods, fears, threats, and wishes all impact what happens under slumber.

All these interpretations of dreams show that there is still lots of research to be done and that the creative inspiration needed to dream is in our heads.

Dream Facts: What We Actually Know About Dreams

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There are tons of different science, medicine, and pseudoscience lines that have dedicated extended amounts of time and many resources to researching and studying sleep and dreams.

What we know is certain is not limited, but there is still much room for investigation.

We know that dreams are normal conducts that occur and manifest on a near-daily, if not daily, basis. Whenever we say that we did not dream, in reality, we have no recollection or immediate memories of those dreams, but they did occur. 

The brain has two fundamental parts to dreaming, the hippocampus and the amygdala. These parts play pivotal roles in dreaming because of their relation with memory, processing, and consolidation of information. As such, these parts of the brain fire sparks when dreaming, and it can be seen in MRI images. 

Dreams appear to aid in processing emotions by encoding and reconstructing memories. What we see and experience in our dreams may or may not be genuine, but the emotions we feel as a result of them are.

By generating a recollection of an experience, our dream tales effectively strive to remove the emotion from it.

Conclusions And Relation Of Dreams With Weed

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Do you want to know what cannabis and dreams share and have in common?

Both of these, a substance and a neural activity, have the power to assist the human with anxiety, stress, mood elevation, and emotional processing.

What we also know is that cannabis can boost creativity and focus, which is also affected possibly with a good night of sleep and pleasant dreams. Do you think that when weed and dreams are combined we could possibly hack our brains and bodies to perform better?

You could possibly find this out and more when you try Binoid’s Good Night CBD Oil.

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