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Health | 12.08.2021

Prairie Grass’ Cannabis Suppositories First For Pain Relief

First Canadian cannabis suppositories target female endometrial and menstrual pain with THC.

Ladies, the first cannabis suppository in North America is finally here. Created by an Alberta-based cannabis producer, Prairie Grass, the new line of cannabis suppositories recently became available in Canada’s regulated cannabis market. 

The company hopes to continue creating useful products targeting adult female consumers and filling that gap in the cannabis industry. Prairie Grass was founded by Rebecca Thomson and Olivia Penner, who both act as co-presidents. Thomson told MJBizDaily about the prevalent gap in the market for cannabis “directed towards female health and wellness.”

She and her team were well aware that cannabis suppositories would be in high demand. Thomson added that her company was doing everything in its power to fill that gap, “whether or not the market actually realized that the gap was there.”

Photo courtesy of Prairie Grass

The new suppositories by Prairie Grass are meant for vaginal or rectal use, and they come in two different varieties:

  • Relief Pods: contains 10 milligrams of THC per suppository (the maximum under Canadian regulations).
  • Eve Pods: contains 40 milligrams of hemp-derived CBD per suppository and almost 1 milligram of THC.

Thomson continued that she believes her company, Prairie Grass, is the first to market cannabis suppositories that the government has fully regulated. She hasn’t seen any other sales for this product in the industry, but the team at Prairie Grass did hear about a compounding pharmacy releasing the first custom cannabis suppository in Canada. 


Photo courtesy of Prairie Grass

Health Canada has been notified many times regarding marijuana suppositories for regulation under the country’s federal Cannabis Act, but the regulator does not have access to information regarding when these products are released for sale. A Health Canada spokesperson told MJBizDaily that in order to make health claims with a cannabis product, it would need to be approved under Canada’s Food and Drug Act first. 

Because Prairie Grass’ product does make health and therapeutic claims, the company will release the products under Canada’s medicinal cannabis market. That said, the suppositories will also sell within recreational channels and move through an Ontario wholesaler so adults can purchase them in stores. 

Photo courtesy of Prairie Grass

Thomson hopes to bring Prairie Grass’ cannabis suppositories to British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan markets. In her closing statement to MJBizDaily, Thomas stated how important it was to make cannabis suppositories available in both recreational and medical markets, saying they’re perfect for endometrial support or monthly menstrual pain

She concluded by explaining the difficulty and burden it is for consumers to get medical prescriptions and sign up with a medical marketplace to get those products shipped to their door. “As opposed to just being able to go to their dispensary and purchase the product.”

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