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News | 12.17.2021

Here’s How Luxury Psychedelic Retreats Are Changing Lives

For some, luxury is putting value into authentic experiences.

Transcendental retreats where psychedelics are the main focus are popping up everywhere, enhancing what many call “the shroom boom.” However, many of these retreats also focus on ayahuasca and LSD. 

Take Silo Wellness, for example. Chief executive officer of Silo Wellness, Douglas Gordon, says his retreat in Jamaica’s Montego Bay resort community aligns with the changing ideas of luxury. He deems real luxury as “being able to wear flip flops to dinner” and that it’s not necessarily about black tie, but the authentic experience. He hopes Silo Wellness will attract guests who “put value into experiences,” reports Bloomberg.

Photo courtesy of Soltara

One of these guests was Alisa Bigham, who was on the hunt for a new beginning. Amid a divorce from a 47 year-long marriage, Bigham was trying to find her independent self once again. 

According to Bloomberg, Bigham, 64, first began her journey into spiritual wellness by reading Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind, which expands on the new research of psychedelics and their beneficial properties. Pleased with the read, she booked a retreat at Silo Wellness in Jamaica. 

Bigham told Bloomberg that she was intrigued by the nightly ceremonies that have participants take psilocybin mushrooms. Following this, local Rastafarians will guide guests on a series of transcendental journeys. Bigham says that after the first trip, appropriately referred to as ‘journey,’ she reported finding her “superpower.”

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The demand for a similar experience as Bigham’s is quickly increasing, and the supply for retreats that offer serene surroundings, helpful accommodations, and tasty food is also booming. Another example of spiritual healing, psychedelic retreats is the all-inclusive Soltara Healing Center.

Soltara Healing Center sits on 22 acres near the Gulf of Nicoya in Costa Rica, and the cost for stays is roughly $2,600 to $8,900, depending on the length of stay and style of the room. The itinerary can range from 5 to 12 nights, and the main event is an ayahuasca ceremony guided by native Shipibo healers.

Photo courtesy of Soltara

In Vancouver, Canada, the Journeymen Collective hopes to implement spiritual well-being into the corporate realm. Guests will take 2 to 5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms blended with gourmet chocolate at a local lodge to help business leaders and executive teams come together with a greater purpose. 

In recent years, the public has been switching its perspective on psychedelics with help from notable and reliable researchers proving the medical benefits these drugs can offer. Now, instead of looking at psychedelics as recreational drugs, we’re beginning to view them as medicine, and that’s just beautiful. 

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