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News | 08.17.2022

How Laser Combustion Works (And Why We Should Drop Lighters When Smoking Cannabis)

Say goodbye to butane-tasting hits with the Hitoki Trident.

Most bong users are always on the hunt for a piece they can connect with and be proud of. Nobody wants to smoke through an old, rickety bong that’s been through the wringer.

Although these pieces do have character, they’re not the best in the long run for several reasons. 

We want to introduce bong connoisseurs to the piece that will bring them to their knees, Hitoki’s Trident.

Smoking just got easier and way cooler with Hitoki’s latest creation, and we’re here to steer you in the direction of cannabis’ future with the innovative and unique Trident. 

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Before we get into why you need a Trident, let’s examine your current bong-smoking routine. You’ve reached your old reliable glass bong, bowl piece, grinder, lighter (and maybe hemp wick), and your herb.

First, we all know how easy it is to tip your bong over and watch it smash to pieces right before your eyes. 

Second, using a butane lighter directly impacts the flavor of your strain. Even if you’re using a hemp wick for that exact reason, lighting the wick and holding it over your bowl piece is a process we should leave behind, thanks to the Hitoki Trident

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

You might be asking, what makes the Trident so unique? Hitoki is acquainting us with the future of cannabis smoking through innovative laser technology.

You read that right; the Hitoki Trident uses a cutting-edge laser combustion system to instantly light your herb without using a butane lighter (and the device is sturdy enough to stay in place without getting knocked over by a few bumps).

The Trident is also the safest way to smoke since all flames are kept locked inside the laser compartment, which doesn’t ignite unless the device is locked.

Before we continue explaining a few other reasons that make the Trident the leading cannabis device, let’s understand how the bong’s laser combustion system works.

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Photo courtesy of Hitoki

If you were to hold a magnifying glass under the sun and focus the beam of light on a flower, it would catch on fire.

The Hitoki Trident’s laser combustion system works the same, except it doesn’t take a few seconds to light, as the laser fires immediately after clicking a button. 

Besides the innovative laser technology, the main reason why Hitoki’s Trident is the best bong on the market is that it’s incredibly safe and offers a healthier alternative to inhaling unwanted butane through lighters.

This way, you can impress your friends with a laser bong and experience the pure and unique flavor of your favorite strain. 

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