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Industry | 01.07.2022

Test The Potency Of Your Homemade Edibles With The tCheck

This at-home potency tester helps you drop precise dosages into your edibles.

Gone are the days where you’re left guessing the amount of THC in your homemade edibles thanks to the potency tester, tCheck. The device is roughly the size of a portable phone charger and was designed to help you ingest more accurate doses.

The price for the tCheck is about $280 for the starter kit, which comes with a small plastic slider for your test samples. Even better, the tCheck pairs with a smartphone app that instructs the user through the testing process while also displaying results post-test.

It’s not just edibles you can test with the tCheck; it also allows for raw flower, which is something that home growers can definitely benefit from. The device also lets you test concentrates and cannabis infusions like olive oil, coconut oil, cannabutter, etc.

We suggest that you stick to the script when using the tCheck, as the app, box, and website all note what substances can be used with the device and what won’t work. For example, if you test a CBD-dominant unknown-oil-based infusion from a dispensary, the tCheck won’t give you a proper reading.

Photo by tCheck

There are also helpful FAQs that note how the tCheck device doesn’t support lecithin, which is often added to edibles in dispensaries. You don’t want to use just anything with the device, as you’d be wasting your materials on something that won’t give you a proper reading.

The process is as easy as gathering your materials and hitting the “Run Test” button on the smartphone app. Once that’s started, you’ll have to pair your smartphone to the tCheck in order to follow the instructions on how to test your product.

There are specific buttons for certain substances like weed-infused coconut oil or a solid concentrate. There are also accompanying instructions regarding each process and the product you want to test.

Once you pair your phone with the tCheck, it will give you a clear list of instructions guiding you where to go next. We’re more than impressed with the company’s initiative to help cannabis consumers better understand the dosages they’re ingesting, especially for those who prefer specific dosages and don’t want to be flying too high.

The app presents the user with a list of YouTube tutorials explaining how to use the tCheck’s testing feature, dilute your liquid if it’s too dark, etc. Additionally, the tCheck website has many detailed articles that help the user understand their results and how to use them for precise dosing.

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