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5th grader accidentally hands out gummy edibles at school

They were her grandpa’s.

5th grader shared edibles

Photo by Eric Audras/Getty Images

Well, it’s finally happened. One of the most persistent arguments against cannabis products like edibles is that they’d slither their way into the hands of unsuspecting children. Phobias that usually peak around Halloween, as if anyone would be handing out ten dollar gummy bears for free. But, be it wishful thinking or one very bad grandpa, it seems a New Mexico kid really did get a hold of some cannabis-laced sweets and brought enough to share with the class.

A fifth grader at the Albuquerque School of Excellence swiped the box of ‘Incredibles’ edibles from her grandfather and gave some out to friends during a morning break in the cafeteria. The girl soon began to feel the effects of the edibles, ‘sick’ and ‘dizzy,’ and went to the school nurse believing that she had gotten food poisoning by something from the cafeteria menu.


“The nurse asked her what else she had eaten and she said gummies,” said Albuquerque School of Excellence Dean Kristi Del Curto. “We asked to see the box, which had been tossed in the trash after it was empty… and as soon as we looked at it, we said, ‘Nope, that is not candy.’”

The packaging for ‘Incredibles’ spells out that the gummies contain THC and should be kept out of reach from children. This grandpa could have been the one from Rugrats who always fell asleep while the toddlers escaped to a toy store or something.

“We would like our community to be alert with drugs and any edibles,” the school wrote in a Facebook post. “We kindly ask our parents and community members not to talk explicitly about drugs/medicine when students are present (unintentionally to tempt or encourage students to use drugs).”

Del Curto said she isn’t aware of any charges being sought. And despite this being an oft-cited worst-case scenario, the kids of Albuquerque School of Excellence seem to be alright. The girl felt dizzy, and Del Curto said her friends were “giggly.” That sounds about right.  They probably found YouTube videos funnier too.

January 25, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Zack Kotzer

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January 25, 2018 — Last Updated
Written by Zack Kotzer

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