Photo by Heavy Hitters

Industry | 11.25.2021

This Company Just Released A Stunning 1-Liter Bottle Of Acapulco Gold Tincture

It's one to be sipped slowly.

Looking for a quality cannabis beverage or tincture can be challenging, but Heavy Hitters wants to change that. Now, the brand recently dropped the world’s heavy tincture derived from a quality landrace strain.

To achieve an ultra-potent concentrate, one must use ultra-premium cannabis, which is precisely what Heavy Hitters does. The company is proud to use the best cannabis from their expert farmers that handle the plant with care and precision. The concentrate is then carefully extracted, tested, and distilled.

Each of Heavy Hitters’ ultra-pure and clean distillates offers a powerful and consistent experience with every use. The company surpasses others through its safety and wildly high standards that never fail to satisfy the consumer. In addition, Heavy Hitters promises only to use the most purified and thoroughly tested ingredients to provide a clean, delicious, and powerful hit every time.

Photo by Heavy Hitters

Recently, the company dropped on one of the most notable, renowned, and sought-after strains in the form of the heaviest tincture. We know, love, and celebrate Acapulco Gold for its cerebral, euphoric, and uplifting high. High Times even called the landrace Sativa one of the “Greatest Strains of All Time.” The trailblazing strain in cannabis culture dates back to the 1960s and hasn’t lost its touch since.

Heavy Hitters caught our attention with their latest innovative product, HVY Grand, the world’s heaviest tincture. It comes in a 1-liter bottle and contains a powerful amount of THC at 1000mg. Heavy Hitters still managed to maintain their signature cannabis experience by utilizing liquid trichomes, a proprietary single-strain nanoemulsion infused with Acapulco Gold terpenes.

There’s said to be 100 servings in one bottle, and each sip contains 10mg of THC, so be careful not to chug this stuff back; it’s meant to be sipped like a fine liquor. Within the 1L bottle lies 1000mg of THC that results in a fast-acting full-body high. The effects are bright and uplifting, perfectly reflecting what Acapulco Gold is all about.

Photo by Heavy Hitters

After one sip, your palette will be pleased with the soft notes of citrus, grapefruit, and ginger. Heavy Hitters recommends that we sip on HVY Grand in a glass with ice or mix it with a drink of our choice.

Not only is the inside of the bottle a slice of cannabis heaven, but the bottle itself comes in an artfully designed gift box that contains a measuring device and a whiskey glass. The box also features stunning macro Trichome photography by Eric Nugshots. Explore more details and purchase the new HVY Grand tincture here.

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