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The 10 Best Weed Drinks Of 2022

Edibles are a great way to medicate, but weed drinks are even better. You can divide your servings with precision, and the effects show up much quicker.

Edibles are great, and all, but weed drinks are where it’s at.

You can divide your servings with precision, and the effects show up much quicker. Plus, they just taste better. So next time you’re looking to medicate, reach for a weed drink instead.

Edibles are a delicious way to get high, and there’s an option for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or savory, there’s an edible out there for you.

And, at the peak of it all, you can find weed drinks! These drinks are discreet, tasty, and will get you a nice high fairly quickly. There are many different weed drinks on the market, but we’ll only show you the best ones.

Before we get into the best of the best, let’s dive into what weed drinks are and how you can make some of your own.

What Is A Weed Drink?

While it may sound unpleasant to drink weed, that’s just not the case. Similar to edibles, cannabis beverages are infused with THC or CBD to give them a psychoactive or medicinal kick.

You might have tried edibles in the past that aren’t all that flavorful and simply taste like weed. When it comes to weed drinks, these beverages are created with familiar and popular flavors like strawberry, orange, and even cola.

The main difference between most edibles and weed drinks is that edibles take far longer to kick in and take effect. This is because most edibles are fat soluble, meaning the THC breaks down in our stomach, liver, and large intestine before it takes effect.

Water soluble edibles like beverages don’t need to pass through the lengthy large intestine for them to kick in. Because weed drinks can take effect in about 15 minutes, consumers are starting to shift into beverages for that same reason.

How To Make Your Own Weed Drinks


If you want to try making your own weed drinks before purchasing the ones below, we’ll help you out. Making your own weed drinks can be incredibly easy, but it’s not always a walk in the park.

The easiest way to infuse just about anything with weed is to use a few drops of a concentrated THC oil tincture and add it to your beverage or dish of choice. The flavor of these oils is mild, and they won’t make your beverage or dish taste like weed.

If you know how to decarboxylate weed, you can get even more adventurous. Decarboxylating weed is when we bake ground cannabis and low temperatures for longer periods of time to activate the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

Thus, if you baked (decarboxylated) weed, you could eat it and get high. But no one wants to eat weed like a green salad.

When it comes to weed drinks, once you have decarboxylated your weed, you can create things like

  • Cannabis-infused milk (or non-dairy milk)
  • Cannabis-infused coconut oil
  • Cannabis-infused honey
  • Cannabis-infused syrup

While making these infused ingredients requires different steps, they all call for decarboxylated weed that’s mixed with the original ingredient (e.g., coconut oil) to create an infused version of said ingredient.

Now that you know a bit more about weed drinks and how to make your own, we’ll show you the best weed drinks on the market so you can finally ditch those slow-moving edibles and try a fast-acting beverage that’s tried and true.

Purple Passion

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This is a must-try for grape soda fans who love the candy-sweet flavor that runs by your tongue and leaves a sparkling sensation.

Now, with 10 mg of THC from hybrid strains, it can uplift your spirit and relax your body. This soda is free of caffeine and full of joy.

Sparkling H2O Blackberry Coconut 1:1

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This sparkling water is the perfect drink for people who like to keep it simple. It’s refreshing, has no sugar or calories, and has a natural flavor of coconut and blackberries.

Enjoy sharing it with friends as a social beverage, and chill with the combined action of 10 mg of THC and 10 mg of CBD. It’s infused with hybrid strains that will cause balanced effects.

Blueberry Lemon

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Looking for a delicious and healthy way to wind down at night?

Look no further than Keef’s Blueberry Lemon Life H2O! This drink contains only 5 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar per serving and is enhanced with Indica-dominant CO2 oil and 10 mg of THC. CBN enhances the calming effects of the drink, making it the perfect choice for a nightcap.

So drink up and enjoy sweet dreams courtesy of Keef’s Blueberry Lemon Life H2O!

Mocktail Fruit Punch XTREME

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This THC-infused mocktail is the perfect way to enjoy the taste of the tropics while getting a nice dose of THC.

The sweet and citrusy flavors will remind you of a warm, sunny day by the sea, and the 100 mg of THC will help you relax and enjoy your evening. For those who need a stronger dose of medicine, there is also the 500 mg THC drink. This shot of medicine will relieve any malaise, physical or emotional. So grab a glass, pour yourself some THC Fruit Punch, and enjoy!

Original Cola

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This cola is the real deal! It’s got that classic cola flavor that we all know and love, plus a little something extra: 10mg of THC.

That’s right, this cola is infused with weed, so you can enjoy a nice, mellow buzz while you sip on it.

It’s the perfect drink for when you want to relax and take it easy. So kick back, crack open a can, and enjoy the ride!

Energy FLO

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Take a sip of FLO energy, and suddenly, you’re on top of the world!

This delicious tropical-flavored drink is infused with 10mg of THC and 90mg of caffeine, giving you the perfect pick-me-up that will leave you feeling cheerful and optimistic.

So take a trip to the moon and back with FLO energy!

Orange Kush

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The Orange Kush from Keef Brands is a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy your favorite classic soda! This soda has a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, with a hint of orange flavor that makes it perfect for summertime sipping.

Since it’s infused with 10mg of THC, it’s a great choice for those looking for a relaxing and stress-free beverage.

Bubba Kush Root Beer

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Infused with 10mg of THC Bubba Kush Root Beer is the perfect drink for those who want to relax and unwind. This root beer has a unique flavor that is both sweet and earthy, and it is sure to please anyone who tries it.

The Bubba Kush Root Beer is also perfect for those who want to enjoy a delicious root ‘beer’ without any alcohol.

This is sure to become a favorite among root beer lovers, and it is a must-try for anyone who is looking for a new THC drink to try.

Blue Razz

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There’s something about the CLASSIC SODA Blue Razz that just makes you feel nostalgic.

It’s like taking a sip of childhood summertime. It’s refreshing and fizzy and tastes like a perfect combination of berries and sweetness.

If you’re looking for a classic soda flavor with a twist, Blue Razz is definitely the way to go!

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