News | 07.05.2022

New Penis-Shaped Gummies Mark A Milestone For Canadian Edibles

The first legally shaped edible in Canada is a penis.

If you’re a cannabis consumer in Canada, you’re probably familiar with the odd laws around edibles.

For one thing, all edibles are capped at a legal amount of 10mg THC per package.

Furthermore, the gummies inside cannot resemble things that would capture a child’s attention, like bears, worms, and other popular gummy shapes.

The result is boringly shaped edibles with low doses of THC. However, one cannabis brand thought, if we can’t make edibles that would intrigue children, how can we make edibles that pull in adults?

The brand Censored Edibles wants us to eat a dick…literally. It just launched two different penis-shaped edibles in Canada with flavors banana and cola.

The gummies are a limited edition, and since they’re the only edibles on the Canadian market with quite a distinct shape, they’ll likely sell like hot cakes.

The launch is in partnership with Loosh Brands, and the gummies are currently available in select retailers throughout Ontario.

Co-founder of Censored Edibles, Sarah Kulbatski, said the new gummies represent a “pre-legalization love of cannabis paired with a dirty mind.”

She further explained her company’s issues when trying to make shaped edibles in the past.

“We can’t do bears, we can’t do pumpkin, we can’t do XYZ because it might trigger the kids. So they’ve literally pushed us into that corner where you can’t do much. If it’s an adult sector, then I should be able to come out with an adult-shaped gummy. So I did.”

Whether you want to snag the penis-shaped treats for your average edibles evening or an upcoming bachelorette party, they’ll do the trick. Each gummy contains 2.5mg THC, making for a package total of 10mg THC.

This way, consumers can scarf down the whole package for a 10mg dose or take one gummy at a time for a less intense experience.

For more information about Loosh Brands x Censored Edibles’ new line of penis-shaped gummies, visit

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