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Should Canada Increase Its THC Limit On Edibles?

Companies are urging the Canadian government to increase its THC cap on edibles. Once that happens, here's how to dose them for your preferred experience.

Canada was the second country to legalize recreational cannabis.

For a pro-pot frontrunner, you’d think the government would trust individuals to make educated purchases. So why does the government cap the amount of THC present in edibles?

One Canadian cannabis company, Indiva, is urging the government to reconsider its THC limits in edible packages. Of course, that rule was set in place to keep individuals from unwanted, paranoid experiences due to ingesting too much THC.

But any cannabis user can tell you that “too much THC” is incredibly vague. 20mg of an edible may be a lot for a beginner, but that’s laughable to someone with a higher tolerance.

Indiva hopes the Canadian government will increase its edible milligrams per package from 10mg to 100mg.

Its reasoning is that consumers will often look to the illicit market for stronger, cheaper edibles, thus playing with their health and safety due to a lack of testing and regulations.

With a thriving illicit market, companies like Indiva are worried that the legal market won’t be able to keep up. Its argument is that capping the amount of THC per package gives consumers a reason to look elsewhere for stronger products.

Additionally, weed-friendly states in the U.S. cap their THC limits in edibles to 100mg per package, where each gummy inside contains 10mg. If it’s working in the states, why hasn’t Canada budged?

Maybe it’s worried that consumers will have trouble navigating edible dosages.

If that’s the case, we want to prepare Canadians for when the government finally increases its THC limits on edibles. See the dosing guide below to find out how many milligrams of THC is right for you.

How To Dose Edibles For A High That's Right For You

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There are a few questions you should ask yourself before taking edibles;

  • Have you taken edibles before?
  • Do you have a high tolerance when smoking cannabis?
  • Are you looking to get seriously stoned or just chill out?
  • Do you have friends willing to dose with you (or at least stay around during your edible experience)?

If you’re new to edibles, starting at a low dosage and working your way up is your best bet.

Those who frequently use edibles may know their tolerance, meaning they don’t necessarily have to start slow if they know what they’re in for. But the last thing you want is to take too much and ride out the high until you feel somewhat normal again.

If you have a high tolerance when smoking cannabis, don’t be surprised if that 10mg gummy doesn’t kick in. This is especially true if you’ve been smoking throughout the day, as your body has already been exposed to high concentrations of THC.

For that reason, taking two 10mg gummies at the same time may be right for you. For seasoned cannabis users, ingesting 20-50mg of an edible is a recipe for relaxation.

You may not get super stoned, but that feeling of zen and slight euphoria will definitely present itself.

If you’re looking to get seriously stoned, experienced users may need anywhere from 50-100mg. But for the sake of your experience, it’s best to dose stronger edibles or higher concentrations with friends.

This way, if you start to feel a little anxious or need someone to talk you down, your friends will help bring you back to reality, ground you, and remind you that what you’re feeling is normal.

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At the end of the day, when dosing edibles seems too difficult to navigate, here’s a quick guide on how much to take based on your experience with cannabis.

  • Beginner: 1-10mg THC
  • Intermediate: 10-20mg THC
  • Advanced: 20-50mg THC
  • Pro: 50-100mg THC

Edibles are a great way to explore different ways to feel the effects of cannabis. They come in different forms and flavors, like gummies and baked goods, and they keep your lungs smoke-free.

But, because Canada has a limit of 10mg THC per package, Canadians might have to purchase a few packages or make edibles of their own to really feel a gripping high.

Americans in weed-friendly states, consider yourself lucky to be able to purchase 100mg THC per package.

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