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Learn | 06.03.2022

Making Edibles Just Got A Whole Lot Easier: Introducing Craft Cannabis’ Infused Condiments & Drinks

Just in time for the summer.

You might have heard of Buds & Brews

It’s Tennessee’s very first cannabis bar and restaurant that offers THC-infused eats. 

The company that creates Buds & Brews’s THC condiments and beverages are now launching them to the public. 

Nashville-based Craft Cannabis recently dropped a new line of cannabis-infused beverage coolers dubbed Cannabis Coolers. 

The company’s restaurant, Buds & Brews, prides itself on serving traditional American eats topped with THC-infused sauces. It also serves infused beverages and is looking to expand into desserts.

Each beverage contains 10mg of hemp-derived Delta-9 THC.

They come in three different strains and flavors like GrapeApe, LemonHaze, and Sweet Tea OG Kush.

Photo by The Holistic Connection / Instagram

The beverages come in pouches, similar to nostalgic childhood drinks like Kool-Aid or other juice pouches. 

If you’re looking to spice up your dishes with a THC-infused sauce, Craft Cannabis will soon offer its culinary sauces like olive oil and barbeque sauce for public sale.

These sauces and condiments are served at Buds & Brews but will soon be available on Craft Cannabis’s website. 

All THC-derived hemp within the products was grown in the state, and each sauce contains 5mg THC. 

This is a massive win for consumers who prefer experiencing the effects of cannabis through edibles instead of smoking. 

All THC products are legal in the state and on a federal level. 

Craft Cannabis currently sells its Cannabis Coolers on its website and will soon launch the THC-infused condiments and sauces. 

For more information about Craft Cannabis, visit its website at

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