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News | 03.27.2022

Session Goods Releases The ‘Surrealist Color Collection,’ Reminiscent Of Dreams, Desire, & Balance

The new color additions to Session Goods' silicone accessories are a breath of fresh air.

We invite you to enter the world of the bizarre, surreal, and unconscious mind with a little help from Session Goods’ latest Surrealist Color Collection.

The San Francisco-based lifestyle brand prides itself on creating sophisticated and modern smoking essentials for the early-adopting and explorative cannabis aficionado. Perhaps you might have already heard of the company’s bestselling products like the modern and durable Session Bong.

The company is thrilled to announce its latest drop, an ethereal line of stunning interchangeable silicone accessories that go perfectly with the Session Bong and compact Session Pipe.

Session Goods didn’t want to release just any colors with these easy-to-use accessories. It wanted to tie in tones and hues that celebrate endless creativity and the “inexhaustible unconsciousness of our minds,” notes a recent press release.

The new Surrealist colors available within the Session silicone accessories are as follows;

  • Dream Blue: This warm aquamarine/cyan blue represents the sky and the sea, symbolizing freedom, dreams, imagination, and inspiration.
  • Desire Green: A nature-inspired and earthy green tone that triggers dominant emotions associated with growth, desire, and envy.
  • Memory Gray: Adding a little balance and neutrality to your life is memory gray, similar to the stability of concrete and cementing cherished memories for a lifetime.

Photo courtesy of Session Goods

Session firmly believes that we humans are entitled to moments of rest, indulgence, and disconnect, allowing the mind and sometimes the body to wander off into the realms of imagination and creativity.

The company hopes that its new Surrealist Colors and other products will help you live a more fulfilling and productive life that inspires you to dream, desire, and make memories with the ones you love.

The recent color additions to Session’s Silicone Accessories are a great start to discovering some visually-appealing decor while also letting you add some personality to your classic Session Bong or Session Pipe.

Photo courtesy of Session Goods

The Silicone Accessories for the Session Bong protect the glass body from external damage and give you a clear marker for the minimum amount of water required for a smooth sesh.

The Silicone Sleeve for the Session Pipe offers a carry sleeve that also protects your pipe from external damage when traveling. Thanks to its sleek and compact design, the sleeve also has room for you to store a packed bowl while also reducing messy ash.

If you’re looking for a company that truly cares for your well-being and reflects that through high-quality materials and user-friendly products, stop in at Session Goods. We hope that your experience with Session will remind you to keep dreaming, even in the darkest times.

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