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News | 12.30.2022

Snoop Dogg Launches Death Row Cannabis, Coming To Stores Next Week

Death Row Records expands. Shop Death Row Cannabis at select California dispensaries in January 2023.

A legend making legendary moves. In February 2022, rapper and entrepreneur Snoop Dogg acquired Death Row Records, the infamous record label and cultural platform that released his debut single in October 1993. 

Snoop’s latest album, B.O.D.R., standing for Bacc On Death Row, commemorated his acquisition of the record label, which occurred just days before his iconic halftime performance at the Super Bowl alongside other music industry veterans like Dr. Dre, Eminem, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar. 

Now, Snoop is expanding Death Row with an on-brand addition. Death Row Records just announced via Instagram the upcoming January 2023 launch of Death Row Cannabis. The 22-second clip features the globally recognized logo of a man sitting in the electric chair, this time with one hand free, smoking a massive blunt. 

The clip, created by artist MylarMen, also showcases their new branded pre-roll tube alongside a snazzy soundtrack from Kevin Gilliam, aka DJ Battlecat. Death Row Cannabis is using elements and recognizable branding features of their past to modify them for today’s modern audience and their evolving eye for aesthetics. 

Although Snoop Dogg owns Death Row Records, he hand-selected the longtime West Coast legacy cultivator AK to carefully curate the strain selection at Death Row Cannabis. Needless to say, we’re itching to see what’s in store. 

Speaking of stores, Death Row Cannabis will be launching in stores in the first week of 2023. The first locations to carry Death Row Cannabis are as follows:

  • Cookies – Brentwood
  • Cookies – San Bernardino
  • Cookies – San Diego

Be sure to keep an eye out for more information about dates and locations regarding the brand’s big debut in the cannabis industry. Stay up to date with Death Row through their Instagram pages, @deathrowrecords, and @deathrowcannabis

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