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News | 07.01.2022

Toronto’s Exhibition Place Launches A Designated Cannabis Consumption Space

Torontonians can now bring their own bud to the "Cannabis Carnival" at The EX.

For years, Canadian cannabis consumers have had limited consumption spaces. Since the country legalized weed in 2018, laws have kept individuals from smoking in heavy foot-traffic areas and away from the public.

Finally, a new “safe space” in Toronto is specifically designed for cannabis consumers. The Cannabis Carnival will be a closed-off space at the legendary Exhibition Place and will be up and running when The Ex opens its doors on August 19.

The Cannabis Carnival was created in partnership with the luxurious supper club Grand Bizarre. Some features to be expected from the weed-friendly space are

  • Cannabis sculpted cupcakes
  • Beachside lounge chairs
  • Games like Twister
  • Over-the-top, giant decorative lollipops
  • An excess of shady areas for relaxing consumption

Launching the Cannabis Carnival is something that Canadian cannabis consumers have been patiently waiting for. The first-of-its-kind space will hopefully inspire more weed-friendly public consumption spaces in the years to come.

CEO and president of the Cannabis Council of Canada, George Smitherman, told CBC, “It’s mostly beneficial for the consumer of cannabis, who, even though we’ve had legalization, was kind of forced to consume behind the dumpster.”

Furthermore, the president of Grand Bizarre, Zlatko Starkovski, explained how the Cannabis Carnival is perfectly legal within the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

It also helps that other large organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) are also on board as educational partners.

Starkovski says that general cannabis users need “a safe, responsible place to smoke when they go out.”

He added, “There are a lot of people smoking at home, in cars, and potentially over-consuming, so we’re taking a proactive approach for cannabis smokers now that it’s been legal since 2018.”

The Cannabis Carnival will open its doors alongside The Ex on August 19. For more information and tickets, visit theex.com.

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