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Weed Weddings Are Quickly Growing In Popularity Across California

A budtender at a wedding? We're in.

Photo by Thinkstock / Holly Harvey

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The bond between two weedheads is like no other, so why not transform your big day to pay homage to your shared love of cannabis?

The rise in weed weddings came with the state legalization of cannabis earlier this year. As weed became legal, wedding planners knew that this would be a substantial market to delve into, as they’ve all seen their fair share of odd or unconventional wedding requests.

What’s the difference between a traditional wedding and a weed wedding? Firstly, the culture of cannabis is thoroughly integrated into small details and elements that put the wedding together—for example, adding small touches of weed buds to floral arrangements or the bride’s bouquet.

Photo by Sandy Anger Studios

If you’re looking for a louder statement, there’s always the option to transform your entire wedding into a full-on weed wedding with cannabis as the prominent central theme. If this sounds like the right fit, a bud bar might be of interest, where guests can entertain themselves with joints, unique vapes, grinders, bong-cleaning products, rolling papers, and different strains of marijuana.

We all haven’t fully lived until we’ve been to a wedding with a budtender. What can be better than that? Similar to a bartender, a budtender serves information and education regarding the products and strains available.

You can also satisfy those munchies with a unique dessert bar, where weed-infused treats are served. Furthermore, some couples have hired private chefs to create cannabis-infused meals to get the party started.

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September 14, 2021 — Last Updated September 15, 2021
Written by Herb
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September 14, 2021 — Last Updated September 15, 2021
Written by Herb

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