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News | 06.11.2022

Why Is Gen Z Choosing Cannabis Over Alcohol?

Some even say they would rather use shrooms over both.

A recent trend is sweeping North America. At this rate, we can only expect to sweep the globe in a matter of years.

Two new surveys indicate that Gen Zs would rather use cannabis or shrooms over alcohol.

It’s not much of a surprise, considering this generation grew up in the age of cannabis legalization and having the internet at their fingertips. New Frontier Data conducted the first survey, published on May 24.

The findings show that 69% of participants aged 18 to 24 preferred to consume cannabis over alcohol. The second study, published by Brightfield Group on May 31, notes that Gen Zs prefer shrooms or weed over alcohol.

It found that 10% of people aged 21 to 23 had used psilocybin in the last six months. Bloomberg notes this is far higher than the general population at 3.4%.

Both surveys show that the older people are, the less inclined they are to use cannabis or shrooms over alcohol. This could be due to a few reasons;

  • Growing up in the era of cannabis prohibition and propaganda
  • Watching adults use alcohol for relief and in social settings
  • Feeding into the stigma that cannabis is more harmful than booze

The participants noted their reasons for why they chose cannabis over alcohol;

  • It helps them fall asleep
  • It offers emotional release
  • It’s a fun social activity for groups
  • It’s a “more natural and beneficial” alternative to alcohol

Perhaps this is a result of growing up with everything they need to know in the palm of their hands.

Over the years, since states and countries have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use, ample research has highlighted the benefits of cannabis for physical and mental health.

Now that younger generations are tied to the internet; they’re free to make their own decisions based on the now unbiased research and reports on cannabis and alcohol.

While most Gen Zs are still teenagers, there are fears that cannabis may impact their brain development.

But it’s evident that younger generations are the most accepting, curious, and willing to examine the benefits of cannabis over alcohol.

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Rachel Abela

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Rachel Abela

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