There’s A Very Big Problem With The New Canadian Cannabis Task Force

We’re celebrating Canada today! Will the country’s newly announced task force be the guiding light in the cannabis world?

Jul 2, 2016

With Spring 2017 set to be Canada’s timeline for rolling out nationwide cannabis legalization, PM Justin Trudeau has assembled a task force to study the logistical side. They plan to study the best ways to legalize recreational cannabis by seeking advice from experts in economics, healthcare, addiction, justice, and law enforcement. Check out the videos below from the government, and Marc Emery giving his response to the cannabis task force.

Adequate Task Force?

The Canadian cannabis icon Marc Emery has a similar opinion to many Canadians on this newly assembled task force. While the intentions of a research committee of this nature sound positive for a country undergoing legalization, the members that make up the group are raising some questions.

The head of the task force, Anne McLellan, has once referred to cannabis as a scourge. For the leader of the legalization task force to have such an uneducated opinion on cannabis is surely troubling.

While Emery does acknowledge some more positive members of the task force, he does not feel hopeful for the approach that the government will take towards growing and selling. He wants the cultivation and sales of cannabis to be an entrepreneurial market. And hopefully with the government allowing small cannabis businesses to thrive just as much as larger ones.

Check out the government video here.

Check out Marc Emery’s response here.

What do you think of Emery’s ideology for legal cannabis? Do you think this task group can get the job done properly? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Jul 2, 2016