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News | 01.17.2022

10 Cannabis Accessories We Found On Etsy

The cannabis experience wouldn't be complete without your favorite accessories.

When you can’t find a specific product anywhere on the market, look to Etsy. The online, handmade, crafty e-commerce store is jam-packed with more cannabis accessories and goodies than you could ever imagine.

You could scroll for hours on end, adding your favorite finds to our cart, but we‘ve done the grunt work for you with our list of top 10 cannabis-related Etsy products below.

Desert Visions Stash Box, Grinder, & Rolling Tray

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For only $46.61, get your hands on this stunning stash box that comes with a smell-proof grinder and rolling tray.

420 Sweatshirt

Photo courtesy of ExqApparel

What time is it, Mr. Stoner? It’s 4:20 somewhere. Celebrate your 4 o’clock seshes with this minimalist and cozy sweatshirt.

Stoner Coloring Book

Photo courtesy of TrendsWithBenefitsCo

Expand the mind after your sesh with this cannabis-friendly coloring book, perfect for relieving stress any time of day.

Waffleye Waffle Maker

Photo courtesy of Waffleye

Okay, this one might be a little “extra,” but it’s so worth it. Feed your friends after a wake n bake with this marijuana-imprinted waffle maker.

Ouija Two Jar Stash Box

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Made for those who enjoy the spooky things in life, this box set comes with two mason jars and space for your other accessories.

Marijuana Birthday Card

Photo courtesy of KartoPrint

If you bond with your friends over your shared love for cannabis, this birthday card is the perfect way to show your appreciation.

Alien Shirt

Photo courtesy of DesignerTeeGifts

We’ve all felt like a spaced-out alien from time to time. Grab this t-shirt and head to the mothership! Or wherever you get your weed.

Neon Hands Passing Joint

Photo courtesy of neonlampochkin

This one is a little pricey, but it’s one of the greatest finds on Etsy. Light up your man cave or indoor sesh spot with this dope neon sign. The title does say that it’s a “cigarette,” but come on…who’s really passing a cigarette?

Pipe Mug

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Did someone say wake n bake? Take a puff from this beautiful mug pipe and start your morning right.

Gold Grinder

Photo courtesy of LazyDazeStore

This shimmering diamond-shaped gold grinder screams modernity with each twist, crunch, and scrape.

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