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The 5 Best Products For Outdoor Smoking Sessions

From gust-proof lighters to low-key vapes, we’ve got you covered.

It’s official. Springtime is here. That means you no longer have to bundle up every time you want to step outside for a smoke. However, there are still things like wind and nosey neighbors that can get in the way when blazing in the great outdoors.

That’s not to say you can’t soak up the sunshine and catch a buzz at the same time, though. Luckily, there’s a pot tool for every problem you might run into while seshing it up in nature. From gust-proof lighters to low-key vapes, here are the best products for smoking weed outside.

The Best Products For Smoking Weed Outside


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This is a device that truly exists at the intersection of art and design. Not only is it a perplexing object to look at, with its seductive curves and enigmatic monolithic construction; the KØL pipe is also a delight to handle and smoke from.

This is one of the best pipes ever conceived, as it improves upon nearly every facet of the smoking experience.

Taking it apart to fill or clean is easy and safe on account of the magnetic snap closure system, once you’re using it, your herb will burn evenly as air rushes in through the microchannels which house it. Less coughing, less contaminants, and a smoother experience all-around.

Its discrete, elegant, and highly functional. Easy to clean, which is a godsend considering how grimy pipes can get, offering excellent combustion and smooth smoke on the way down. A product we can truly say we are glad we tried.

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The DaVinci IQ2

Photo courtesy of DaVinci

If you’re looking for something more discreet, or you prefer vaping instead of smoking, then this is the device you need. The DaVinci IQ2 is by far the most advanced vape on the market right now. Sleek and powerful, this sleek vape will be your most trusted companion for outdoor sessions.

With it, you’ll be able to vape your favorite flower and concentrates and experience the ultimate level of smoothness and vapor quality. Use high temperatures for thick clouds and lots of cannabinoid activation or keep it cool with low heat and flavorful vapor.

If you’re into concentrates, then we recommend you get the Dosage Pod Holder to take with you extra dabs. Going for a long hike? Just carry around an extra battery and swap it when the other one dies out. You’ll get at least nine more full sessions to enjoy!


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Here are other vapes you should consider that are also great alternatives for outdoor smoke seshs:

Here are some other vapes worth checking out:

Best Quality  PAX 3

Best Value  XVAPE Aria

Best Vapor  Storz & Bickel Crafty+

The G Pen Elite II

When wanting to smoke outside, one of the best options, if not the best, is the G Pen Elite II, a ground herb vaporizer capable of many feats.

Grenco Science, the proud engineer behind the amazing G Pen products, introduced this incredible product for connoisseurs and lovers of flowers. This device rises above the competition and is packed with features that make your smoke sessions so much better and more powerful.

When smoking outdoors or on the go, the one thing smokers want is convenience. The Elite II is one of the easiest to use and practical devices out there. You can conveniently pack the gadget’s bowl and go about on your day, whether it’s a normal routinary day or you’re on your vacation.

Once at the spot you want to smoke, or wherever on the go, you can turn on the Elite II and take a couple of puffs that will immediately have strong effects on your mind and body. Always carry a container with extra weed cause you are going to be packing and heating up herb so easily it may just become second nature.

Revelry x Higher Standards Escort Backpack

Photo courtesy of Revelry

Speaking of carrying around smoking accessories, in case you need more room for all your essentials when smoking outside, here’s a 100% smell-proof, waterproof backpack from Revelry & Higher Standards.

Whether you’re exploring, hiking, or canoeing, your bud and the tools you use to help you smoke it will stay safe at all times. The best part of all is that no one will ever catch a whiff of what’s inside, including you!

The Eyce Mini Beaker

Photo courtesy of Eyce

With the sun beaming down on you, 60 degrees can feel a lot more like a scorching 90℉. That makes for one sticky, uncomfortable session smoking weed outside. To cool down a bit, try ripping your herb with the Eyce Mini Beaker.

It’s a better alternative than toting around your favorite glass piece that you’d rather not see shatter into a million pieces. The Eyce Mini Beaker can be stored practically anywhere without any risk of even scratching it.

Here’s our full review of the Eyce Mini Beaker for more!

Frog & Co. Plasma Lighter

Photo courtesy of Frog & Co.

Smoking weed outside when it’s blustery AF is a buzzkill, especially when you’ve been waiting all day to hit the herb. Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to get a single flame from a gas station lighter to get your weed burning. But not without wasting a ton of time and energy.

Thankfully, Frog & Co.’s lighter is wind-proof and rechargeable to make smoking weed outside as easy as it is beautiful. Invest in this reliable and robust tool, and you’ll never need to purchase another lighter again.

About The G Pen Elite II

Grenco Science has engineered and designed the beautiful and slick G Pen Elite II to excel and perform like no other. This portable electronic vape device uses convection to heat your ground flower. Unfortunately, this device does not support concentrate or oil vaporizing, but to be fair you don’t need to worry about that at all!

This device features a 2100 mAh battery that charges fully in just under two hours with USB-C fast-charging. The capacity is sufficient for an hour of continuous vaping, which is more than enough for those that vape on the go and can keep a battery pack in their bag to charge the pen on the go when needed.

The power of this device lies in the ceramic heating chamber and individual temperature control between 200°F and 430°F. This allows the user to fully cater to and tailor their experience according to the strain used and the type of experience they want and need. In order to accurately see the device’s settings and temperature, it is equipped with a TFT display.

Finally, in order to fully enjoy the experience, Grenco Science has built this device so it cools down the vapor and provides a smooth experience. This is possible thanks to the spiraled airpath integrated into the mouthpiece. On the other end of the device, you get an integrated tool that allows easy cleaning and packing of the device.

Is there anything else you’d need to fully enjoy herb conveniently outdoors? With all this tech, the G Pen Elite II is a top contender for the best piece to use when smoking outside.

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