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Eyce Mini Beaker Review: Your Ultimate Bong Travel Partner

Small and sleek, the Eyce Mini Beaker is a must-have bong for those who move around a lot.

Eyce is one of the most prominent brands in the smoking industry. Their silicone bongs and pipes stand out from the rest for their sturdiness, durability, and design. In the bong space, the Eyce Beaker has made a name for itself as one of the best silicone bongs on the market.

As a complement to it, Eyce released a mini version. Being about half the size of the original, the Eyce Mini Beaker is the ultimate bong for on-the-go smoking. Sleek, durable, and ergonomic, this is a bong that you definitely should consider if you’re on the market for a smaller piece.

Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Eyce Mini Beaker Overview

If you are already using water pipes, then you should consider the Eyce Beaker and Eyce Mini Beaker. Made of silicone, they are bongs with an efficient high-end design, complex at first but plain excellent when you finally understand them.

The Eyce Mini Beaker has four components that hold the secret to the perfect smoking session. The big difference with a regular bong is in their base, but let’s walk through each piece:

  • Slide: like on any bong, this is where you pack your stash (more on this later) and what you light when you’re filling the chamber.
  • Chamber: here, the smoke develops and stays until, well, you smoke it.
  • Downstem: in short, a path between slide and water. This passage helps cool down and filter the smoke.
  • Mouthpiece: if you don’t have experience with water pipes, this is a crucial piece to bond with. It is essential to put your lips inside the rim, which makes it easier to, in a way, “seal” the mouthpiece and make the smoke draw in easier.

Where does the water go then?

The downstem has to be covered by water. By hiding, I mean submerging the holes at its base, literally having the water level above the entire downstem. For the Eyce Mini Beaker, in particular, this means about 1 oz of water in it.

Eyce Mini Beaker Performance

Once you have filled your Eyce Mini Beaker with water, you can either load it directly or chill it up. What do I mean by this? The Eyce Mini Beaker is made so that you drop some ice cubes into the neck of the pipe. It’s crazy how fresh the ride can get with only one or two ice cubes.

Try it out and tell me how it goes. The only tricky part can be the size of your cubes – I’ve heard some people have trouble with “standard” ice cubes from the freezer. 

I like to use my grinder for the loading and break my stash up before filling the bowl. You can also break some up with your hands, up to you. In my opinion, it burns better when it’s nice and even.

Photo courtesy of Eyce

Do make sure, though, that you’re getting enough oxygen in – that is, don’t pack your bowl like you’re never going to smoke again. If it’s too tight, no air will flow in, and if you’ve ever smoked a bong, you know it will ruin your session entirely.

You do need a seal, of course, but don’t push it in too hard once you’ve loaded. Just slightly gently down the slide, take your time. Better safe than sorry.

And now the best part: time to press those lips against the mouthpiece. Remember to make the best possible deal, and then light up your material. Inhale quickly, as soon as the flame starts, that’s when smoke starts forming in the chamber, and you’ll get the great hit of ice with it too.

Once you’ve lit it and the chamber is filled with smoke, pull out the slide (be gentle!) and take the magic deep breath. You’ll feel the smoke coming up through the mouthpiece and into your mouth. Inhale it all, or if there’s any smoke left, you can blow into the downstem, so it all gets released through the mouthpiece.

Please don’t blow into the mouthpiece unless you’re trying to sprinkle the person sitting in front of you with water through the downstem.

Cleaning The Eyce Mini Beaker

Photo courtesy of Eyce

After fun comes cleaning; fortunately, this is a straightforward task for the Eyce Mini Beaker. Clean out the solids with a swab, and then pull out the slide and the downstem. The glass that the slide needs to be cleaned separately – I usually rinse it and let it dry.

In contrast, the silicone downstem and body can be cleaned with silicone cleaner (Eyce has its own) by leaving it on for some minutes and then scrubbing them to remove the remaining grime. 

Feel free to use a brush or swab for scrubbing dirty spots, the material is super resistant, and it will be spick clean once you’re done scrubbing, with no trace of brushes or scrubs. After you’ve rinsed them, let them dry too. You’ll find out this happens in virtually no time.

Final Words: Why You Should Buy An Eyce Mini Beaker

To begin with, the Eyce Mini Beaker is half the size of the Eyce Beaker, and it still has all the same features. With the same fantastic base, it is only 7.25 inches tall and is equipped with a bunch of unique gadgets like steel poker, tool holders, the classic ice catcher, and my personal favorite: a hidden stash container! I know, right? 

Materials are superb, the bowl and slide are made of 14 mm borosilicate glass, the poker is eternal (unless you lose it, been there), and super low maintenance since it is made of stainless steel. It comes in beautifully colored platinum-cured silicone bodies.

Photo courtesy of Eyce

For only 45 bucks, you get a travel companion that is light, easy to handle, and most importantly, easy to store. If you buy it straight from Eyce, you have a lifetime warranty and a ton of colors to choose from. 

I haven’t owned one long enough to say it lasts forever, but reviews are excellent, and it certainly seems durable and maintainable, not like many plastics or delicate glass ones I have seen in the market.

The only downside I can think of is the water measure – I guess it’s experienced, but at first, it’s tough to tell when you’ve hit the spot since you can’t see-through, so you have to guess. But, again, it’s just getting the grip of it and enjoying it 100% once you do.

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