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News | 05.31.2022

3 Cannabis Businesses Supporting Ukraine

These three cannabis businesses are adamant about making a difference by donating to charities supporting Ukraine.

Now is a better time than ever to look into the cannabis companies you’re purchasing from and read up on their philanthropy endeavors supporting the Ukrainian people

Unfortunately, Russia’s invasions show no signs of slowing down, and a handful of companies have either quit doing business with Russia, or have stopped supporting products and resources from the country, resulting in the insanely high gas prices, cost of food, and much more. 

For this reason, why we hope to steer you in the direction of cannabis businesses donating proceeds to charities supporting Ukraine. 

Helmand Valley Growers Company

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The veteran-owned company’s mission is to finally end the opiate and suicide epidemic, especially amongst veterans. According to The Emerald Magazine, Helmand Valley Growers Company is “a service organization that just happens to sell cannabis,” says Corey Potter, director of sales. 

His company is currently raising money for the World Central Kitchen, a charity providing prepared meals for suffering individuals and communities. Besides supporting Ukraine, Potter also states that his company constantly donates proceeds to fund veteran medical cannabis research. 


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Keef is a company that was born in 2010, in Boulder-Colorado. Inspired by the idea of combining the fun, social and festive experience of drinking with the magic and joy of cannabis.

A decade later, Keef is an award-winning brand, developing, manufacturing, and distributing cannabis and CBD-infused products in seven U.S. states. Keef’s products include multiple lines of popular beverage options like mocktails, classic sodas, sparkling h2o, life h2o, as well as CO2-extracted oil for vape cartridges. 

Keef continues to be at the forefront of innovation around social cannabis product development and education. Social commitment is part of the DNA of this amazing company, so in the face of the current situation of the Ukrainians, Keef has decided to take action.

To support the relief of Ukrainian refugees, Keef cannabis drinks has partnered with dispensaries in the Greater Denver area to sell a Ukraine-themed Blue Razz Classic Soda

For every one of these units sold, Keef is donating $1 to the United for Ukraine Fund which directly supports the aid of Ukrainian refugees. Keef will also be matching any additional donations made to the United for Ukraine Fund through their specific fundraiser. To make a donation or to see where to buy these Ukraine labeled Blue Razz Classic Sodas please click here.

A company committed to people, that not only sells incredible, high-quality products, but is willing to go the extra mile for its social and educational convictions. 


Lime Cannabis

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Photo by Lime Cannabis

Throughout March, Lime Cannabis made it clear that supporting Ukraine in any way was a must. Like MediThrive, Lime’s slot for donating proceeds to charities has ended. However, the company believes “Community is at the heart of each decision we make, so naturally, we align ourselves with organizations that are making a difference.”

Last month, Lime Cannabis donated a portion of its proceeds to Hope For Ukraine, an NPO aiming to lift the well-being and lives of Ukrainian people amid the ongoing war, reports The Emerald Magazine

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