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Behind The Brand: Hemper’s Monthly Subscription Box Keeps You Stocked At All Times

Hemper has a subscription box for every stoner, from new to seasoned.

Paying $39.99 for a subscription box with products valued at over $100 seems too good to be true.

But that’s the wide-eyed reality when shopping at Hemper, your #1 premium smoking accessories subscription box and headshop.

Here, you can find everything you need for an easy breezy sesh, from premium glass and daily essentials to limited edition smoking accessories that ship discreetly to your door.

Many of us would agree that going out of your way to restock your accessories can be annoying, especially if you’re the type to run out of papers faster than the average smoker. Lucky for you, running out of paper materials and glass accessories is near impossible with the Hemper box.

Behind The Brand

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Hemper is a Las Vegas-based company that strives to give you the most convenient smoking sessions each time around.

The brand is also happy to help you explore new ways to consume your favorite flower by introducing accessories like:

  • Hemp wicks
  • Quick hitters
  • Quartz bangers
  • So much more

These boxes ensure you stay stocked at all times without having to waste time running an errand and heading to a physical storefront. Replenishing your stash has never been so easy.

Say goodbye to late-night runs to the store in your pajamas because your bowl piece broke or you’re out of papers; Hemper has something for all smokers.

The brand only wants you to use the highest quality, state-of-the-art accessories so you can truly have a good time. Whether you’re a daily user or an occasional one, Hemper’s subscription box is meant to last the user a full month before they need to re-up.

A Hemper Box For Everyone

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Maybe you don’t smoke enough for your goodies to run out within a month; perhaps you don’t want to drop money on a monthly subscription when you’ll only use half the products.

Hemper knows you’re the only one who truly knows what’s best for you and what your smoking habits are like. That’s why the brand lets you customize how often you receive your boxes:

  • Monthly
  • Every 3 months
  • Every 6 months
  • Annually

Plus, if your smoking habits change during this time, you can adjust the frequency of your subscription boxes again. Talk about convenience.

Hemper understands that all it takes to ruin a day is running out of essential smoking accessories like papers, or breaking a needed glass piece. Never leave the house for your smoking needs again, and put a smile on everyone’s face with the Hemper box, the best choice for proactive stoners.

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