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Culture | 01.24.2023

Canadian Cannabis Brand RIFF Does High-Potency Products Better

Looking for high-THC products that'll bring a cannabis connoisseur to their knees? RIFF has you covered.

What do you look for in a strain? Maybe your eyes wander to the THC amount, or perhaps you’re more focussed on terpenesgenetics, and aromas

Seasoned cannabis users know exactly what they want in a strain—their only issue is finding it. Luckily, few brands are blazing the trail with unmatched potencies, superior cultivars, and rare genetics you can’t find elsewhere. 

Brands like RIFF have bulldozed the competition with wickedly potent products, some of which reach over 35% THC. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? See below for more information about RIFF and some of their hottest offerings. 

About RIFF

RIFF is dedicated to bringing seasoned cannabis users what they desire. The team behind the brand understands that experienced cannabis consumers know exactly what they want from their products, and RIFF is proud to help supply it.

Besides their high-potency products, RIFF strives to elevate the cannabis experience through a unique strain selection that’s sure to wow any connoisseur. The brand defines itself as a “community and cannabis brand with an eye for high-potency products,” and their unmatched strain selection speaks for itself.

All flower from RIFF carries an average of 19% THC and higher, meaning every Herbivore can find something to celebrate.

High-Potency Products

If you’ve ever shopped at RIFF before, you’d know that the brand is dedicated to providing consumers with wickedly potent goods with superior effects. Luckily, the brand is constantly unveiling new formats to ensure all experienced cannabis users find a product that makes a positive and memorable impact. 

The brand’s Subway Scientist Drumsticks are a prime example. These infused pre-rolls are hefty, and beginner cannabis users should proceed with caution. These Indica pre-rolls reach sky-high THC levels of 32-38%. They’re packed with Grand Daddy Purps whole flower and expertly rolled in an unbleached paper and filter, then slathered in distillate and covered in kief for a true connoisseur smoke. 

Some other contenders include RIFF’s Crossfade Melonaide strain, a stimulating Sativa that buzzes the mind and body with 22-28% THC. It’s a limited-edition strain, meaning now is a better time than ever to experience the citrus, melon, and spice flavors and wicked potencies.  

Finally, Orbital Purple Cotton Candy is a powerful Indica strain that experienced users must try at least once. It’s a potent cross between Grand Daddy Purps and Cotton Candy Kush, and its high THC content isn’t to be missed. This strain emits a pleasant grape, lavender, and skunk aroma with similar mouthwatering flavors you simply can’t find elsewhere. 

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