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Learn | 11.22.2022

Interpening Aromatic Training Kit: Connecting Scents To Terpenes

A practical kit through which you can educate your nose to identify the nuances of the aroma and evaluate the quality of the flowers to determine their probable effects.

Learning about cannabis is one of the main ways to overcome prejudices about this amazing plant. But unfortunately, cannabis education is a subject that is often overlooked, and the reality is that we all still have a lot to learn.

While the stigma attached to the plant still lingers, and some parts of the world don’t want you to consume or explore it for educational purposes, doing so in itself is an act of revolution.

If you want to learn more about cannabis, its different aspects and get industry-recognized certifications you should check out Trichome Institute.

About Trichome Institute

Photo courtesy of Trichome Institute

A one of a kind online university. We are talking about a study site dedicated purely to cannabis and its different aspects. They also have unique products focused on education and learning about this powerful plant.

Trichome Institute has courses and products for consumers, dispensary staff, entrepreneurs, and commercial entities alike.

Trichome Institute realized the lack of standardized education in the cannabis industry. From there, it has created an educational community where experts and novices alike can learn about cannabis.

Trichome Institute’s educational resources are varied and diverse but have one thing in common. They are all structured with credible, accurate, and thoroughly researched information to ensure comprehensive knowledge.

Trichome Institute also has different products for all people who in one way or another work in or want to learn about the cannabis industry.

Interpening Aromatic Training Kit

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This is one of Trichome Institute’s innovative products, an Interpening Aromatic Training Kit, to learn about the intricacies of cannabis.

The Aromatic Training Kit will allow cannabis Interpeners to practice the art and science of Interpening. If you don’t know what Interpening is, don’t worry, we’ll tell you in a second.

What's Included

The Interpening Aromatic Training Kit comes with 9 liquid and 3 isolated crystalline terpenes.

The tools in this kit will train your trigeminal nerve perception, improve memorization of common terpenes and guide you through the aromatic spectrum from broadleaf to narrow leaf, classic OG (typicality) cannabis strains, and much more.

Liquid oil terpenes:

  • Beta-Myrcene
  • D-Limonene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Linalool Oxide
  • Terpinolene
  • Alpha-Pinene

Crystalline terpenes:

  • Camphene
  • Fenchyl Alcohol
  • L-Mentol

OG typicality profiles:

  • Gelato
  • Blue Dream
  • All Natural Jack

The Kit includes a seven-page instructional PDF to break down the terpenes and guide you along the way with your aroma perception technique.

What Is Interpening?

Photo courtesy of Trichome Institute

If you’re new to the world of Interpening, you’re not alone. The best analogy we can make is with a wine sommelier, just as they are experts trained in the art of wine, Interpeners are professionals trained in the art and science of cannabis.

In more technical terms, the Trichome Institute defines Interpening as “the evaluation of cannabis flower for the designation of psychotropic strain type and overall quality”. In simple terms, it means that an Interpener can look at a bud and, with their Interpening training, determine the quality and specific effects it will have.

Interpenetrators help consumers find the right products and companies improve the quality of their flowers.

The Trichome Institute even has a course, Professional Interpening Online, that provides the books and tools to develop your knowledge and nose for cannabis evaluation. The Aromatic Training Kit will be a great help for this course.

For more information about Trichome Insitute, visit their website at

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