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Guides | 08.09.2022

The Herbalist: Ghost Drops’ Commitment To Legacy Genetics & Disrupting The Status Quo

Looking for tried and true legacy genetics you can't find anywhere else? Ghost Drops has you covered.

Canadian cannabis brand Ghost Drops was lurking in the shadows for years.

In operation since 2017 but launched into the legal Canadian market in 2021, Ghost Drops is a brand for the legacy consumers, the true cannabis connoisseurs looking for legacy genetics in the saturated market.

The brand started operations in a dim warehouse with one goal in mind, “to shine a light on the most talented people working in the darkest corners of our industry,” reads the brand’s website.

Ghost Drops’ name derives from the action, Ghost Drops. The Ghost was something consumers would experience but never see; the brand would quietly drop the highest-quality products while remaining in the shadows.

As the brand grew to its well-known status, its new strain releases became known as “Ghost Drop.” Since then, it’s stayed true to its mission to never stop disrupting the status quo.

All-Star Partners

Photo courtesy of Ghost Drops

The many successful “Ghost Drops” from the brand wouldn’t be complete without its roster of all-star partners.

Ghost Drops stands by giving credit where credit is due and doing right by its partners who make each Ghost Drop better than the last. The brand doesn’t grow its own weed in a Ghost Drops cultivation facility, and perhaps that’s what makes its weed so good.

The brand partners with expert cultivators and growers to ensure you’re only getting the best of the best.

Its roster of partners is award-winning growers and breeders that work with Ghost Drops to hunt down and create the most innovative and potent cannabis on the Canadian market.

Defining The "Ghost Drop"

A ghost can be scary, but it can also bring a sense of surrealism, something you’ve never experienced in your life.

At Ghost Drops, the team never fails to drop unique legacy genetics that simply aren’t available anywhere else.

The process starts with legacy partners breeding and hunting the highest quality genetics. Once they’re grown, the breeders will select a winner and move it into the tissue culture labs with the propagation partner Mother Labs.

From there, legacy breeders will deeply examine the genetics to validate consistency throughout all facilities, ensuring they live up to the Ghost Drops name.

Hand-harvested, hand-trimmed, and hand-packed, Ghost Drops promises that each product will satisfy the demands and needs of consumers.

True Canadian cannabis connoisseurs might remember when the brand’s “Ghost Drops” were only available through signing up on the private portal.

As mysteriously as Ghost Drops would drop a legendary product, they vanished back into the shadows until the next Ghost Drop.

Now, they’re here to stay, letting you experience Canada’s favorite legacy strains that are finally available at your local dispensary.

For more information about Ghost Drops, visit its website at

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