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Photo courtesy of Ghost Drops

News | 04.06.2022

Ghost Drops Is Expected To Bloom In Canada

The new "cannabis dream team" aims to take the Ghost Drops brand even further.

The renowned Canadian brand Ghost Drops consistently provides consumers with the very best small-batch craft cannabis and related products. It’s presented this through multiple awards as the leading and top-selling cannabis brand throughout Ontario

In a recent press release, the company announced its excitement to take on industry veteran and marketing specialist “Campaign” Colin Bambury. 

The recent hiring move comes shortly after Ghost drops announced the forthcoming launch of its flagship retail storefront in downtown Toronto. 

The press release explains that Colin is the founder and editor of North America’s leading source for cannabis marketing, ADCANN. In addition, he’s also on the board of the Association of Canadian Cannabis Retailers (ACRES).

Even after a few marketing stints with a West Coast cannabis retailer, Ghost Drops successfully locked him in with hopes that he’ll lend the company “a wealth of experience and vision,” says Ghost Drops CEO Gene Bernaudo. 

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Photo courtesy of Ghost Drops

“The addition of Colin to this team is the equivalent of signing a key player before the playoffs…As we look to capitalize on our retail strategy, develop additional revenue streams, and expand the reach of the Ghost Drops brand, we couldn’t imagine a better fit than the man nicknamed ‘Campaign.'”

President and Co-Founder of Ghost Drops, John Dean Durante, is happy to work with someone like Colin, who he believes “is the real deal.” Durante says, “by bringing in another big-time player like Colin, you can expect us to continue to raise the bar even higher.”

Finally, “Campaign” Colin shared how joining Ghost Drops, a company that has “clearly staked its flag in the industry,” is a recipe for success. 

“The brand’s position and attitude, coupled with its ability to deliver exceptional product[s], has rocked the Canadian cannabis scene,” and he “can’t wait to keep this momentum going and shake things up even further.”

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