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Learn | 02.11.2022

What Is Craft Cannabis? And Why Is It Better?

Elevate your game by switching to craft cannabis. Created with Botany Farms.

When it comes to buying stuff, there’s something for everyone. Some might prefer a discounted purse from a thrift store, while others enjoy getting their hands on a thousand-dollar one from a luxury shop.

While some of us pick the cheapest bucket of butter from the supermarket to save a couple of dimes, others get that fancy stuff that will rack up the receipt.

There is no right or wrong: a ten-dollar purse can hold a credit card just as well as an expensive one, and buttery garlic bread is delicious no matter the price of the butter – it all comes down to personal preference.

When it comes to cannabis, the same rules apply. There are different levels of quality, care, and price points that go into making the best flower, and some of us love the goodness of craft cannabis. 

That’s why we love our friends over at Botany Farms that create a variety of craft cannabis flower that is organic, hang-dried, and hand-trimmed, making the entire weed process a proper art form.

How do they do it? By putting time and effort into their methods: making sure that bright sunshine, freshwater, and loving care are put into every cannabis plant to produce a quality flower free of pesticides, fungicides, and heavy metals.

What Does Craft Cannabis Mean?

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Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

Craft cannabis is just artisanal cannabis – meaning it’s grown on a small-batch basis that focuses quality over quantity. The reason it’s highly sought after because the growers focus on every detail when it comes to the entire process, from planting the seedlings to harvesting it to drying the flower.

It’s thought to have unique aromas, flavors, and potent effects that stay true to the highest quality of the strain.

More than anything, craft cannabis takes on a hands-on approach to growing and offering cannabis to the general public. While commercial cannabis that serves the masses is great, cheap, and effective, craft cannabis wants to go the extra mile to ensure that its consumers get only the best of the best.

Each plant is meticulously cared for from beginning to end, usually at small family-owned farms connected to the community they serve rather than industrial-sized production plants.

The most important ingredient is love and passion for the product, which ensures that only the highest qualities are the basis for their flower. While the batches might not be as big or fruitful, every plant offers the best that cannabis has to offer.

Craft Cannabis vs Regular Cannabis

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Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

When it comes to the actual growing process of craft cannabis, special care has to be apparent in every part of it.

For example, the cultivation process goes down a more natural route than the LED- and robot-filled corporate growers that focus on quantity over quality (although there’s some pretty awesome commercial weed out there, no hate).

Growing underneath the warm American sun, with freshwater that even a child would relish, and an all-natural approach, you can be sure that your craft cannabis is free of any pesticides, metals, fertilizers, and fungicides.

Not all craft cannabis takes on this all-natural approach, but they do the work to ensure it’s exceptionally well-taken care of and still hands-on.

From investing in the best lighting and products to ensure a good harvest, using careful canopy plant arrangement, using drip irrigation over hydroponic systems, using living soil, and hand-trimming it, the weed is as good as anything grown on an outdoor farm.

When it comes to the harvest, real human hands do all the work. In a super-automated world, it’s rare to know that what you’re smoking has been hand-picked, hang-dried, and personally cared for by someone that loves what they do and want you to love what they’ve done.

This hands-on approach is the extra sprinkle of love and care that everyone can get behind.

Reasons To Choose Craft Cannabis

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Photo courtesy of Botany Farms

There are many reasons to choose craft cannabis – maybe you’re a sucker for anything artisanal, are looking for a more natural product, or are simply curious.

When it comes down to it, here are a few reasons why we think you should give craft cannabis a try:

  • You’ll be supporting the communities you care about: most craft cannabis businesses are owned and source locally, employing those around you and making it an ethical choice.
  • It’s special. Because small batches are usually the outcome, you’ll be getting a one-of-a-kind product.
  • Values are at the forefront: from paying their employees well and contributing to the community around them, craft cannabis brands often put values at the helm of their business.
  • The environment loves it: we can’t help but love companies that put the environment first and use organic and natural products.

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