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The Best THC Vape Brands In Colorado

Here's a guide to finding quality vapes in The Centennial State.

Vaping is one of the most common ways nowadays to enjoy the benefits of cannabis. It’s discreet, mostly odorless, and it has something for every type of customer. 

But with the ever-growing cannabis market, you might find yourself saturated with the number of new brands out there. Some have hash oil instead of wax, or some use BHO instead of natural and clean Live Resin

Other terms like 510-thread or Pax Era Pods are common and might refer to the technology used in the vapes. Others use stainless steel aluminum, ceramic cores, or other materials to help with the heat. As you can see, the cannabis vaping space is big and diverse and might be confusing at first glance.

For this, we’ve gathered some of the best THC Vape brands in Colorado. This way you can check out different brands with different options to try out, depending on what kind of experience you want to have. So let’s deep dive into the best brands out there to take some smooth vaping hits.

Revel Vape Cartridges From Native Roots

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Native Roots is a well-known name in the Coloradan cannabis industry. This statewide dispensary brand has 20 locations throughout Colorado and counting.

The team has over a decade of cannabis experience, and their vast selection of products satisfies beginners and experts alike. The Revel Vape Cartridges at Native Roots are an excellent choice for consumers looking to experience the potent world of cannabis concentrates and convenient cartridges.

This line of vape cartridges is made with the purest ingredients using whole-plant processes containing cannabis-derived terpenes for a true-to-plant experience. Coming in flavors like Blueberry, Pineapple, and Cool Mint, the Revel Vape Cartridges at Native Roots bring you potency, quality, and pocketable convenience.

710 Labs

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Cartridges are a girl’s best friend. Well, the original song includes diamonds, but Spherex design might make you feel like straight out from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. 

Spherex is a high-quality, premium-looking, and tasting cannabis brand that provides a luxury-like experience with each of its products.

All of their distillate-based products are solvent-free, with over 10 terpene profiles and guarantéed potency of 85-95% of potency.

Their main strains are available in 0.5g presentation in 510 cartridges and Pax Era Pods. All of their strains, including Lemon Haze (sativa), OG Kush (indica), or even Mango Kush (hybrid) are available in both THC and 1:1 CBD presentations.

You can also try their innovative vaping line with the Spherex Select vapes. These are CO2 distillates infused with pure water terpenes, with THC content over 90%. Not only do they feel like luxury with golden-colored materials, but this vape also has pure CO2 distillate with cannabis-derived terpenes.

Green Dot

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Founded in 2014, Green Dot is a local, Colorado-based company that has brought cannabis products to the premium yet user-friendly side. As a family-owned and operated company, they understand the importance of quality and elevating the cannabis culture, making their products shine for their wellness benefits.

Their signature Black Label line has top-shelf quality extracts, made in-house, that will for sure inspire any Cannaseur. The black line cartridges contain a live resin that is additive-free, available in their extensive strain library.

They come in a 510-variety an d0.5g and 1.0g editions. And these carts promise to offer a flavorful dab on the go with no chemical extras, fake or added terpenes, or other types of additives.

Green Dot also has Flavorpacks, which include two common tasting or lineage strains in each cart. So for the experienced Cannaseur, it might be a good gift or option to try their incredible strain variety.

If you want to try their retired strains from the Black Label line, you can try their classic Silver Label extracts as well. These use the same extraction method as their premium line with other strains, and a more accessible price.

Green Dot also offers their own 510 battery, so for an optimized smoking session, I’d recommend grabbing the battery that works best with their cartridges from them.


Photo courtesy of Dablogic

Dablogic by Verde Natural is a high-quality, solventless oil-focused line that believes in creating the best extract vape pen possible. 

Their famous solvent-less vape pen has one of the best hash oils available, made from freshly frozen, organically-fed, living soil, grown cannabis. The cart’s body has top-of-the-line ceramic technology to prevent overheating, protecting each puff from losing its flavor.

These carts have no additives and use physical-only processes, making it a luxurious experience with every pull. Their hash oil has incredibly high and they are available in Wedding Cake, Mimosa, Cherry Punch, and Cherry Cake Flavors.

Wedding Cake has more of a relaxing effect with delicious vanilla notes, while Mimosa is a smooth treat that has uplifting and mood-changing effects, mainly aiding with stress and pain relief. 

Cherry Punch is great to get some focus or creativity going on with some berry notes, while cherry cake falls onto the sweet and sugar while giving you some relaxation with cerebral high.


Photo courtesy of Open Vape

O.pen has created since 2012 high-quality vape pens that surpass the test of time. Their 510-based vaporizer works perfectly with THC carts while keeping them user-friendly with high usability.

Their Craft Reserve line, available in Colorado, is a small batch, single source oil carts that are created with the everyday consumer in mind. These small, yet powerful carts are high potency, high purity, and strain-specific, made from the top growers all around the country.

The vape carts are crafted with the best from the best, single-sourced flowers with a high terpene and cannabinoid concentration. Terpene-wise, they use the CO2 extraction method to capture the flavors, making each puff a full-bodied and clear experience.

O.pen also has a high-performance ceramic technology for smooth, consistent pulls with all the flavors you love. 

These carts are only available in the 0.25g, making them one of the strongest yet smallest carts in the list. So if you wanted to try something artisan-grown and crafted, with full-bodied puffs, and top-of-the-line technology with C-Cell cores, O.pen won’t disappoint.

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