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From Federal Prison To Redemption, Here’s How This Cannabis Brand Bounced Back

What do you do after four years in federal prison for being a medical marijuana caregiver? For Redemption, they're seeking justice.

There’s nothing like purchasing from a brand with a story. We can all agree that far too many cannabis brands have the same goals, missions, and stories of selling the best quality cannabis in their region.

While we applaud brands that do so, it’s far easier to become fully invested in a brand with the same morals, beliefs, and ethics as you. A heartfelt, meaningful story of a brand’s upbringing and history goes a long way.

Next time you see Redemption’s various cannabis products on your dispensary’s shelves, we encourage you to take a second look. This isn’t just any brand, but one that’s seeking redemption in an industry they were wrongfully stripped from.

A Story Of Redemption

Redemption is located in Michigan, headquartered in Lansing’s Old Town district. The brand offers an impressive selection of premium cannabis flower, pre-rolls, concentrates, cartridges, and even RSO (Rick Simpson Oil).

That said, knowing the history behind Redemption makes purchasing their top-of-the-line products all the more meaningful. The company’s CEO, Ryan Basore, opened one of Michigan’s first medical marijuana dispensaries back in 2010.

The provisioning center, Capital City Caregivers, was in “full and substantial compliance with state law,” said Basore. Although he wholeheartedly believed this and took every possible measure to be compliant with the law, his center was raided, and he was charged with 13 federal counts related to manufacturing and distributing marijuana.

This wasn’t some stoney-baloney recreational shop either. Capital City Caregivers took pride in providing relief to its many patients, people who needed alternatives to addictive painkillers or required a tried and true product to prevent seizures.

After serving four years in federal prison, Basore was set on his mission to re-enter the industry he was wrongfully taken from. It was time for Redemption.

From Safe Access To Affordable Access

Redemption understands our community’s fight for safe access to cannabis and related products. Now, the brand is ending the fight for affordable access to safe cannabis.

Not only are the brand’s products affordable and never break the bank, but they also give back to the community. Redemption is the only cannabis company in Michigan to donate 10% of every purchase to a good cause. All proceeds go to The Redemption Foundation, Basore’s NPO created to help individuals most affected by cannabis prohibition.

These proceeds go towards individuals who are currently incarcerated, on probation, or trying to re-enter their community. With this in mind, we hope you’ll make the right decision next time you need to re-up your stash.

For more information about Redemption, visit their website at

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