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Culture | 05.17.2022

Method Man’s TICAL Brand Expands To Michigan

"Roll it, light it, smoke it."

Cash may rule everything around WuTang Clan members, but weed’s another priority for the boys.

More specifically, rapper Method Man has been making serious moves with his cannabis brand, TICAL.

Today, the powerhouse brand is moving into Michigan in partnership with Glorious Cannabis Co.

Method Man’s pride and joy initially launched in California in June 2020. Since then, it’s moved into other weed-friendly states like Colorado and Nevada, with Michigan being the latest.

Method Man's TICAL

Method Man is Taking Into Consideration All Lives (TICAL).

He also plans to move the brand into Arkansas and the Pacific Northwest region sometime this year.

Besides the brand’s constant expansion, it was named after the rapper’s debut solo album. It’s quite the personal project for Method Man, and moving into Michigan is no exception.

Co-founder of TICAL Nathaniel Vereen explained that the brand’s message and approach perfectly “aligns with the diverse, working-class people of Michigan, the kind of people Method Man grew up with.”

Photo by TICAL

The Michigan Move

TICAL officially launched operations in the Great Lakes State today.

This first product available in Michigan is TICAL’s potent infused pre-roll, Sweet Island Skunk.

The brand acknowledges that Black business owners have a hard time entering the legal cannabis market in Michigan, says Vereen.

“A very hard time” is an understatement. Surveys point out that only 3% of cannabis business owners in Michigan are Black.

This led TICAL to focus on that 3% and give those businesses first grabs.

The Sweet Island Skunk pre-roll is launching in five Michigan-based Black-owned dispensaries;

  • House of Mary Jane
  • House of Zen
  • Remedy
  • West Coast Meds
  • Viola

One of the most crucial parts of launching in Michigan for TICAL is giving Black entrepreneurs a fair and equal shot. After all, our industry was “built on injustice,” Vereen concluded.

If you’re in Michigan, celebrate the launch with TICAL’s new infused pre-roll.

In the wise words of Method Man, “Roll it, light it, smoke it.”

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