Photo courtesy of 305 Farms

Learn | 03.23.2022

A New Cultivation Facility Aims To Be The Largest In Michigan

305 Farms wants to grow 80,000 cannabis plants by 2025, and by the looks of it, that won't be a challenge.

One small town in Michigan is about to become the state’s hub for cannabis cultivation, thanks to a new facility making it happen. In Van Buren County, 305 Farms just held its grand opening on Monday last week. 

During an interview with MLive, Vice President of Development at 305 Farms, Michael Maltz, said he hopes the facility will expand to growing about 80,000 cannabis plants by 2025. The indoor farm sits on a 44,000-square-foot property 30 miles west of Kalamazoo near Lawarence, just along the I-94. 

“Lawrence was so nice to us; they said, ‘hey, if you guys want to build this kind of facility and you’re going to create the jobs you’re going to create, we’re all for it,'” Maltz told the outlet. 

Photo courtesy of 305 Farms

Currently, 305 Farms has just enough room and resources to house 2,500 cannabis plants. The facility is also planning to open a lab, commercial kitchen, rolling machine, and a vault reports MLive. 

Maltz continued, “Environmentally speaking, we’re recycling 95% of that water that’s coming into the grow room; it’s going back out into the machines and getting recycled.” He added that this was a key element to receiving the green light, ample funding, and generous licensing 305 Farms has obtained to run such extensive operations. 

The company plans on expanding operations even more, and by 2025, it hopes to grow 80,000 weed plants and add another 306,000 square feet to its facilities. With such a bright future ahead, Maltz says 305 Farms will be the “largest single-stack facility” in the state. 


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