Culture | 10.16.2022

High Culture: Cannabis-Infused Fine Dining At Secret Supper Club

Choose your potency and kick back for courses on courses of delicious infused dishes.

Edibles are great and all, but sometimes, we crave something more luxurious

What’s more luxurious than a 10-course meal at a fine dining restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles?

But here’s the twist, these 10 courses were infused with potent cannabis extract. Plus, this place is so secretive that you even need a membership and password to get in. 

We’re talking about the renowned, rebellious, and delicious Secret Supper Club, brought to you by Chris Sayegh, also known as The Herbal Chef

Chris Sayegh's Secret Supper Club

One meal at Secret Supper Club sets you back around $295 per person. Plus, you can only get in with a membership that costs $1,000. 

Those price points might make you wince, but what else should you expect from a truly fine-dining experience? Of course, all dishes at Secret Supper Club may also be infused with cannabis if the customer chooses to do so. 

This choose-your-dosage approach is similar to Sayegh’s other venture The Herbal Chef. It’s a private chef service that’s happy to host your next dinner party with various cannabis-infused courses. 

Through The Herbal Chef, Nostalgia Bar & Lounge, and Secret Supper Club, Chris Sayegh is making the Los Angeles edibles scene his own. He’s passionate about what he does and strives to destigmatize cannabis while helping individuals find their preferred experience dose-wise. 

Shh, We're At The Secret Supper Club

As mentioned above, the best thing about Secret Supper Club is choosing your preferred experience. 


In fact, Sayegh wanted to offer that solely because of his own experiences with strong edibles and how they made him feel paranoid, anxious, and uncomfortable. 


Once you notify the servers of your preferred dosage, which can range from zero to a whopping 500mg, the chefs will divide your dose between the ten courses. 


Finally, desserts only contain CBD. Furthermore, anyone who chooses to ingest more than 50mg THC must sign a waiver for personal responsibility. 


Before you even get into the restaurant, you’re emailed a password that you must recite upon entry. Talk about secretive. 

Sayegh explained how Secret Supper Club came to life out of “retaliation to what was happening in our industry and how many people were being shut down after 10 to 15 years of putting their heart and soul into creating [it].” 

He added, “we didn’t really have a theme other than rebellion.” 

From luxurious courses like Beef Ras El Hanout to Pommes Paillasson, you truly won’t find another fine-dining cannabis-infused experience than Secret Supper Club. 

Looking to purchase a membership? Visit The Herbal Chef’s website at


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