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Culture | 03.02.2022

This California Brand Creates Delicious Infused Sauces Inspired By Family Traditions

Saucy is the leading cannabis condiment brand with products ranging from BBQ sauce to lemony herbal vinaigrettes.

Making cannabis-infused dishes at home just got a whole lot easier with the weed industry’s newest condiment, Saucy. Created and founded by Tess Melody Taylor, she launched the company in April 2021 throughout California and continues to garner attention from cannabis users looking to chef it up.

Saucy’s products are only available in select California retailers like Gorilla RX, Calma WeHo, and all Los Angeles Sweet Flower locations. The first product was a delicious Texas-style BBQ sauce, followed by a hot sauce and a lemony herbal vinaigrette (also a kickass marinade), reports Thrillist

Besides her ventures at Saucy, Taylor is also a private educator and founder of a self-funded CBD skincare line, TAYLOR + tess, which is currently selling in Nordstrom’s throughout California.

On the Saucy website, Taylor writes, “there are few things that I love more than BBQ, weed, and denim.”

Photo courtesy of Saucy

She adds, “I am a military brat to two veteran parents whose needs for opioid-free pain management inspired my journey into the industry in 2019.” Because Taylor’s family are lifelong cannabis advocates and dedicated to Texas cuisine, she says many of her tricks in the kitchen come from her grandfather, Jesse James “Granddad” Robinson.

Robinson was born into a sharecropping family in Waco, Texas, in 1927, but moved to California at 16 “in search of a better life, and he became a top chef in the Navy for Admirals,” she writes.

Besides her grandfather’s cool demeanor and kind spirit, he was known for his cooking and commitment to the National and Virginia chapters of the NAACP. “Food is both communal and generational—Saucy is his legacy.”

Photo courtesy of Saucy

Today, Saucy dubs itself as an “elevated and savory-infused condiment brand.” The company’s Texas roots paired with healthy ingredients are currently merging California’s food and cannabis industries with high-quality creations. All products offer a precise dosage and invite all cannabis users, the new, old, and curious, to enjoy a savory-infused meal. 

Saucy recognizes the importance of inclusivity, social equity, and fair access to resources in such a busy industry, which is why the team comprises women, minorities, and LGBTQ+ individuals. “The table always has more to offer when the people to the left and the right look and think differently than you,” Taylor writes on her company’s website

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