Photo courtesy of Vans

Culture | 04.25.2022

Vans Drops 3 New Hemp-Designed Kicks In Celebration Of 4/20

Dubbed the "Positive Vibrations Pack," these three shoes are perfect for any user.

When you were in high school, chances are the “stoner” groups were stomping around wearing the freshest Vans. The brand has always spoken to the cannabis community and its impact on skateboard culture, and now, the brand has just announced a new line of cannabis-oriented kicks. 

This isn’t the first time Vans has delved into developing weed-themed shoes, as you’ve probably seen the marijuana leaf printed kicks that are bound to draw attention, positive or not. 

According to Gear Patrol, Vans is returning to its cannabis-centric design days through its sub-label, Vault by Vans, which normally brings existing designs back to life or collaborates with other brands for limited-edition releases. 

Photo courtesy of Vans

This time around, Vault by Vans is launching the Positive Vibrations Pack, which will offer three different sneakers. The Authentic, Old Skool and SK8-Hi kicks come with a soft neutral design and warm prints of marijuana leaves featuring hemp uppers along with leather and metal overlays. 

Alongside the hemp-shaded base color, a warm neutral beige tone, a few weed leaves peak through with orange, green, and red hues, resembling the complex marijuana plant and its array of colors. 

Vans launched the shoes in celebration of 4/20, the cannabis holiday that brings us together over our shared love for plant-based wellness and healing or simply recreational pleasures. 

However, the hemp look and materials indicate that Vans is raising awareness for the 2018 Farm Bill, the first federal bill to legalize hemp with less than 0.3% THC. We only expect to see more brands make use of the Farm Bill’s laws that permit the use of hemp for textiles and materials.

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